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Even though there has been has been a shift towards more militaristic markers, speedball markers still are a great option for the game.  Unlike magazine fed markers or woodsball markers in particular, the main advantage of speedball guns is the speed and light weight.

One of the great things about speedball markers is they are incredibly fast.  Competition paintball markers are specifically made to spew out as many paintballs as possible, making them best suited for being a cover player who can lay down a constant barrage of fire.  The average 200 round hopper will also still be feeding ammo while other magazine fed markers are bone dry out of paintballs - leaving their user as a target while they re-load.  After a quick reload of a hopper, you get another 200 rounds in a heart beat while other markers are fumbling for the magazine in their vests.

Since woodsball is such a long game, a large factor in your survival can be the weight of your gear.  One of the biggest flaws in many tactical paintball markers is theie weight.  Speedball markers are made to be super light to allow quick movements through the inflatable bunkers on competition fields.  The feather light body of the speedball marker compared to the heavier bodies of woodsball rifles is like comparing a pencil to a 10 pound dumbell.  Most speedball marker’s body's can fit inside a woodsball rifle.  The speedball marker was not only specifically engineered to be quick but also extremely light.  This is definitely an advantage in a long game or one that requires much foot travel.

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