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Scenario Game Missions

These are best type for small paintball fields, Mission Oriented paintball scenario games divide the day into a series of missions.  The total number of players is divided into two equal groups and a leader is selected for each team.  Each mission begins in the assembly area with the 2 team leaders being given a map and written mission orders for the upcoming game.  The teams will have to perform opposing mission assignments within a specified time.  When that time expires, or the mission of one paintball team is accomplished, the players return to the break area and receive the next mission.  The game can be played with the teams assuming alternating offense and defense roles, with the defending team entering the field first.  The advantage for this type of scenario game is that it offers the producers excellent control through the use of written mission orders for each game, selected areas designated and prepared in advance, and set times for each mission and breaks.  A typical single day Mission Oriented scenario game might allow up to 12, 30 to 45 minute missions with 15 minute breaks between the missions.  Mission Oriented paintball scenario games rely heavily on the use of prop objects placed on the field before the game.  The field is usually 'seeded' with props like ammo boxes, document envelopes, a dummy, or unusual items like a balloon tied to a tree or a cooler full of soda.  Placing these objects on the field in advance reduces the task of running the props out to their correct position before each mission.  During the course of a mission, the offense paintball team is tasked with locating and returning an object to the break area while the defense team acts to prevent that from happening.  Other type missions include setting up ambushes, attempting to capture or eliminate a specific enemy player, or the classic downed pilot rescue.

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