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What I Dislike About Paintball

The thing I dislike about paintball is when people get mad because they got hit and start throwing stuff.  They really need to stop acting like a baby and realize getting hit is part of playing paintball.  This is something I would change about paintball if I could; 'No one's allowed to get mad!'.   I would just like the whole team to get together and try and change that.  I would tell them if you don't like getting hit with the paintballs you don't need to be on the team.  If you really like playing paintball, but not getting hit, I would tell them to consider wearing padding.  Paintball stores have all kinds of body armor, tactical vests and arms and leg pads to choose from.  Most of the time a baggy jersey takes out most of the sting.
Another thing I dislike about paintball is the prices of the actual paintballs.  They are ridiculous; it's almost like they 'got you'.  You get this awesome paintball marker and totally want to go out and use it, but you will need paintballs.  The first time you buy them, you're like "so what", but then you realize when you're playing how fast you go through them.  The next thing you know you're going through several boxes of paintballs very quickly, worse if you've got paintball markers with electronic triggers and fully automatic paintball guns.  But I know this is a very expensive sport.  It's totally fun and addicting though so who cares!

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