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 Tippmann 98 Crossfire CQB

     Here's another great Tippmann paintball marker creation from the innovative guys at RAP4.  It's the Tippmann 98 Crossfire CQB paintball gun.  This piece of work comes with a weaver style raised site rail, Red Dot 1X46 scope, clamp style feed neck, 3 inch barrel and carbine buttstock.  Just imagine yourself surrounded by enemies on all sides and spraying your way out in all directions - covering them all with paint.  If you're going all the way with this gun, you might as well get the electronic trigger option so you have the choice of semi-automatic, 3-round burst or fully auto. 

     This paintball gun is light enough and small enough to be able to carry it around your back with a sling while you weild another larger marker for your main gun.  When it runs out of ammo or you've backed yourself into a corner, out comes the Tippmann 98 CQB to start working your opponents hard in close quarters.  You can get one of these beautys at while the price is just right!

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