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Flag Runner

This is a fun game to play if you have 3 teams.  The object of the game is for one player on one team to have in possession all the flags.  Here's how you play....
One player from each team is designated "Flag Runner" or "Flag Bearer".  That player must keep in possession his/her team's Flag plus any other flags that are captured.  
The Flag Runner must stay in motion.  No bunkering or hiding for any length of time.  One minute is allowed to catch  one's breath or regroup with teammates.  This excludes lengthy firefights. (If you are in a firefight, then you're in a firefight.)   
Teams are allowed to break up into whatever squads or individuals they like.  Any amount of paintballs can be carried or borrowed from teammates (if they're willing).  No running back to camp for more paintball ammo
If the Flag Runner is out, then his Flags are up for grabs.  The Runner plants them wherever he/she gets out.  Any team that can lay hands to them, gets them.  If a member of the same team grabs the Flags, then they are the new flag runner for that team. 
Hunters.... anyone not staying with their Runner may go out to hunt for the other Flags.  If they manage to score one, they must take it directly to their team's Runner to hand it over.  You're going to want a few guys to stay with and protect your flag runner and you'll want the rest of the team as Hunters to try and score the other team's flags.  
The Flag Runners may carry whatever they wish as far as paintball markers and paintball ammo. But keep in mind that you may be carrying two or three flags at the same time; so you may just want to carry a small paintball pistol with some extra paintballs or something small, fast and light.   
Starting bases.... far enough apart to make it interesting.  Separate corners for different teams.  The team that ends up with all the flags is the winner.

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