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Speedball is a fast pace game.  It can be played indoors or outdoors, but generally played on a rectangular paintball field.  Both sides of the field must be set up with the same arrangement of semi or permanent bunkers.  However, speedball can also be played on a field with portable inflatable bunkers such as the half moon or the beam in instances where the players want to make their own original arrangement.  Speedball tactics used by each player will depend on the arrangement of the bunkers, the types of bunkers used, and the alignment of the opposing team.  A lot of the speedball skills and tactics are intented for formations with multiple players, because the possibilities vary as well with team play.  Either way, it's important for every player to be aware of the position of each of his teammates.  It's unlikely that each team will not lose a number of their players, but it helps if the team is well balanced.  It is important for each player to practice skills for multiple positions and situations so you can be as prepared as possible.  Many teams also like to walk on the field before the tournament to check out the bunker layout and make their game plan.

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