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All The President's Men Game

Here's another great, totally fun paintball game to play if you have two teams.....
All the Presidents Men  · All the Presidents Men has the main objective of tagging one key opposing player.  One team is the Presidents Men team, while the other team is the attacking team.  The Presidents Men team consists of one President and the rest being Presidents Men.  The opposing team does not have a president of their own, but may choose to if playing a variation of this.  The team with the President must protect him at all costs.  They can use any type of paintball marker, but tactical paintball guns are the most fun.  Something with an electronic trigger makes a faster game.  You can even use paintball landmines or paintball grenades (from a paintball grenade launcher or thrown).

The game has the Total Elimination rule set.  The objective of the attacking team is to eliminate the President.  Once the President is eliminated, the attacking team wins. The Presidents Men team must defend the President and keep him from getting eliminated in a certain amount of time.  The Presidents Men team wins if the President is not eliminated when time runs out or if they tag out all of the attackers.  In Scenario formats, All the Presidents Men can be adapted to All the Wizards Guards, All the Caravans Protectors, etc.  An important objective, usually being a leader of the team, must be transported to different objectives without being tagged out.  These multiple objectives may be manipulated, and the ambushing team may choose to try to deceive the group and try to send them right into a trap.  Perhaps a trap of a field of paintball landmines!

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