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Funny stories about playing paintball... 

The first day of practice, one of the guys that was on my team got shot in the testicles and dropped like a rock.  Another day we were playing and the same guy got hit in the same spot, I thought that was pretty funny, but he wasn't laughing.  I would highly recommend a groin protector!  One time, Travis, the Captain of our team, was running through the woods when all the sudden he tripped over a rock and face planted right into a tree.  The very next practice he got close-lined by a vine hanging down.  Then we got a new player and he started playing.  The Captain and the new guy went head to head in an open field match.  The second after it started it was over.  The new guy got shot in the nuts and curled up in the fetal position while in mid-air.  We thought it was hilarious (he didn't think it was very funny) but this is what you get when you go one-on-one with our captain; he's pretty much a black belt when it comes to paintball!

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