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Tips For Beginning Teams

If you're just starting a paintball team, first get a bunch of your friends together and go out and play paintball in the woods to see if you like it and to see if they like it (and to see if you like playing with them!).  When you get a group of people together, sometimes they get along and sometimes they don't; you'll need to test this out to see if there's any chemistry within the group to see if you might be able to work together as a team.  If you like it, make up a team name and make sure it doesn't belong to another team out there!  Set regular practice times each week and take attendance to see who's heart is really in it.  Then start asking people to tryout for your team!  Practice alot and practice against other teams.  This way you can see where your weaknesses are and strengthen them and also build on your strengths as a team.  Ask alot questions and search the internet for any and all information about paintball, paintball teams, paintball team strategies and upcoming tournaments.  You may even want to designate a specific person on the team to be in charge of this - have them plan events on a calendar and also make them in charge with disseminating new paintball information... there's tons of it if you look!  You can also email me at if you have any questions about team practice or starting a team; I might be able to direct you in the right direction if I can't answer your question directly.  Have your team practice drills like running, sliding, bunkering, shooting; go one against one, one against several or try different scenarios you might end up dealing with in the heat of battle.  Have regular meetings to discuss ideas on how you can get better, more organized and bigger as a team.  Finally, once you're good and organized and have a few competitions under your belt, start looking for sponsors but that's a whole different article!  Good luck!

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