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High pressure air tanks work great on any paintball marker, but are mostly used on tournament style guns.  Covering your hpa tank with a decorative tank cover is a smart way to protect your tank from dings and scratches.  Tank covers are available for CO2 tanks as well but the best selection is found for hpa tanks.  Paintball gun air tank covers come in a large variety of colors, patterns, cool designs and even custom artwork.  This offers tons of options for customizing your paintball marker/tank with matching accessories.  Fortunately, most tank covers are also available in camouflage patterns as well - making them a great addition to a tactical paintball marker as well.

Paintball gun air tank covers are excellent for prolonging the life of an expensive hpa tank.  Paintball is an active sport and it's easy to scratch or dent your tank with even white belt moves.  Scratches on your tank make it look old and beat up; dents on the other hand can even make your tank dangerous to use and may force you to purchase a new one.  As hpa tanks can be fairly costly ($100-$200), protecting your investment with a tank cover is a smart move.  For how much trouble and cost they will save you, tank covers are cheap paintball accessories; they generally run between $12-$30.  Check out a great selection of paintball gun CO2 & hpa tank covers at on the CO2 & Hpa Accessories page.

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