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Beginner players are often terrified of paintball because of how dangerous it is made out to be. No Matter what people tell you it is not so dangerous! There are only a few injuries that you can sustain while playing paintball and most are just real minor injuries you can get playing any other sport in the world.

The first injury I would like to talk about that you can get while playing paintball is the one that all beginners, even experienced player fear the most. Getting your eye shot out! Now there is only one-way for this to happen, and that is by you getting shot in the eye with a paintball. Although stories are told about this all the time, it rarely ever happens, I have never seen it happen and I have been playing paintball for 5 years at many different fields with all sorts of different safety rules. But they always have one rule in common, while on the field or even standing near to the field, you may not participate let alone watch unless you are wearing a certified paintball mask. Now sometimes people choose to break these rules occurring in the temporary and even permanent loss of vision in an eye.

The second injury I would like to talk about in paintball is the most common injury you can get in paintball, basically every single person who has ever played paintball has gotten the next injury which is a welt/bruise. This injury occurs when you are shot with a paintball. The impacts of it hitting your skin will if not always mostly cause a welt or a bruise. This injury is common among all paintball players and is probably the safest injury you can get.

Another minor injury common in paintball is a scrape or cut. Now these cuts most commonly happen when you are sliding into or jumping over bunkers and apiece of the bunker or outside surroundings of the field snags you causing you to get a cut and/or scrape. This is also a very minor injury that no one should worry about, just about every paintball player who has played more than 3 times has sustained this injury.

Although they are rare, injury’s in paintball do happen, what you have to remember is to stay calm, don’t panic, call yourself out and seek the field trainer or immediate medical assistance based on how bad the injury is.
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