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Operation Ranger's Rummage

Here is a fun example of a scenario paintball mission that you can play with a huge group of people or just with your paintball team.  If your just with your own team, get one or two players and they will be the '75th Rangers' team and all the rest of your team will be the 'Insurgents'.  Here's the situation...

Insurgents are returning to a small town which was formerly their base of operations. The 75th Rangers now occupy this area.  Intelligence report indicates that the insurgent force is returning to the area in order to retrieve vital supplies and materials that were left behind when the 10th Mountain Division first engaged the insurgents in this area. Retrieving these vital supplies will enable the insurgent forces to re-establish a base of operations from which to launch future attacks.

Your Mission.... A squad of the 75th Rangers must use appropriate force against positively identified enemy combatants only. Minimize damage to local infrastructure. Secure all of the vital supplies and prevent use by the insurgent forces. Eliminate as many insurgents as possible
Time Limit.... 30 minutes.
Strategy.... If your just playing with your own paintball team, you won't have enough players to make things too complicated - it's pretty much 1-2 against all the rest. If you're playing with more than one team, make one entire team the 75th Rangers and all the rest the Insurgents. If this is the case, hide a few guys as paintball snipers in strategic posts; pick off key players without them knowing they're there. Make sure you have several guys with automatic paintball markers and maybe at least one guy with an M203 paintball grenade launcher. Use landmarks specific to your location strategically to ambush the incoming Insurgents.
Teams.... One team for the 75th Rangers (1-2 players if dealing with a small group - or you can use a whole squad if you're with a big group).  The rest of the players will make up the Insurgent Forces.
Props.... Make up a box or envelope of Insurgent documents for the opposing forces to retrieve.  You will have more fun with awesome tactical paintball guns and scenario gear that's totally decked out.  Depending on how much room you have to play with, some guys really go all out and play this game at night with night-vision goggles, high-powered scopes and sneaky tactical strategies.
*This is also a fun scenario to play if the 75th Rangers team has a limited supply of paintballs; act like they're pinned down by the enemy and fight fierce!

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