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22 Inch Flute Sniper Barrel

RAP4 has come out with a new 22 inch sniper barrel called the Fluted sniper barrel.  This barrel will give you supreme performance on the paintball field.  They thought ahead when they made this bad boy too; it will fit on virtually any paintball gun..... the 22 inch fluted barrel will fit all the Tippmanns (Tippmann 98, A5 and X7), Spyder paintball guns, Viewloader, Smart Parts and of course the T68 Gen7 tactical paintball markers.  It also fits on the Tippmann Alpha Black.  Unlike the 22 inch super sniper barrels, this is a 'true' 22 incher!  The 22 inch super sniper barrels are really only an 18" barrel with a 4" muzzle brake that doesn't actually touch the paintball - so it's kind of a misnomer calling it a 22 inch barrel.  Yes it's 22 inches long, but no the actual barrel length is not 22 inches.  Well the new 22 inch fluted sniper barrel is actually 22 inches long.  It also uses the 'fluted' technology.  This means is has multiple tiny holes in the last 8 inches or so of the barrel that will force air out ahead of the paintball as it pushes through.  This will allow for less drag on the ball allowing for a farther shot.  The 22 inch flute sniper barrel is also a rifled barrel - meaning there are tiny grooves throughout it's length inside that also cuts down on the surface area that actually touches the paintball allowing for less drag as well.  Guess what?  It's also CHEAPER than the 22 inch super sniper barrel; go figure.

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