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Choice Paintball Guns BBB Business Review
The Wonderful Alpha Black
I have just recently bought a
Tippmann Alpha Black, and so far, it was a great investment for me. The marker is very air efficient, and quite accurate. A great part about this marker is that its detachable clip can hold all the tools you need on the field. Another great part of this marker is the adjustable stock. It can set to six different ways. I'm really looking forward to buying attachments, and upgrades for this marker, because there are so many different accessories to choose from. It's an all around great woodsball marker, and I highly recommend it to players looking for a durable and accurate marker. I have had no problems at all, and it is also very easy to maintain and clean. If your into woodsball and looking for a great marker, the Alpha Black is the one for you., has it on their site for a great low price.
Mike Morton, Team Trinity 
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