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Always be honest.  There is no need to call a paint check if you are hit with splatter.  Suck it up, announce that you are out, and exit the field.

  • The most important rule is to never take your goggles off.  Eye injuries are the most devastating injury in paintball, and all eye injuries are avoidable.  A direct hit to the eyeball can easily blind a person.  Wear your goggles and head protection system at all times, and keep them on the even when you are out of the game or anywhere near the paintball field.
  • As soon as you are eliminated, put your barrel plug end in and switch on your safety.  Firing accidentally at someone from close range can cause excruciating pain or injury to another player.
  • Wear high topped running shoes or boots that are both comfortable to run in, and suited for the terrain that you will be playing on.  Some players prefer soccer cleats or football cleats because they provide excellent traction on wet or soft or slippery surfaces.  Football cleats provide excellent traction in mud and grass.  High heeled shoes or boots are well suited for protecting players from ankle injuries.
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