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"What should I look for in a paintball starter package for my two grandsons?  What should it include?  They are 12 and 8 respectively.  Since they are new to the game, what would be best suited for that age bracket and their skill level?"

To start paintballing you will need a paintball gun, CO2 tank, hopper and mask. I would recommend the Tippmann Alpha Black paintball gun for a beginner. This gun is easy to use and maintain; it's also a nice military replica and looks really cool. They're very popular right now. My son has this paintball gun; he is 11 years old and loves it. Best of all, these guns are very affordable. There's two versions, the Alpha Black Basic marker (shorter and may be better/easier to carry by your 8 yr. old) and the Alpha Black Tactical marker (looks like an M4 and is the one I'd recommend for your 12 year old).  You can also get them in package deals including the tank, mask and gun, one is called the Tippmann Alpha Black Basic Power Pack and the other is called the Tippmann Alpha Black Tactical Marker Power Pack:
You might also consider some light protective equipment for your grandsons, particularly the 8 yr. old. The last thing I want to do is discourage you from buying anything from my store but I have to be honest with you... if your 8 yr. old gets hit with a paintball, he's not going to like it. Paintball is a safe game to play - as long as you're wearing a face mask. Getting hit won't cause damage, but if you get hit in close enough range, without protection it will definitely leave a bruise. 
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