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Tournament Prep - Do it Right!

The preparation for a tournament is critical and encompasses everything from practices before the event, the paying of the entry fee, the condition of your paintball equipment, and accommodations for the team.  Many paintball teams focus heavily on one of these factors (usually the practice category) only to find themselves blindsided and rushing haphazardly to cover another issue that should have already been addressed in their preparation for the event.  Preparation for a tournament has many sides to it and doesn’t always have to do with how you play.  Despite how well you play there are numerous outside factors that will influence how good of a time you will have at the event overall.  Also be aware of the format that the tournament will be using and the type of terrain that the tournament will be held on.  If it is speedball, practice speedball, if it is to be played in the woods, practice in the woods.  Implement the necessary terrain into your practice and if at all possible, play on the fields prior to the tournament.  Some fields offer the opportunity for paintball teams to come out and practice on the fields they will be using, check with the sponsor and see if this is the case, if it is, take full advantage of this opportunity.  Check your paintball equipment the day before the event, chances are that the weather conditions are going to be at least close to that of the day of the event.  If you have access to a chronograph, zero in your marker, at least you will be close when you step up to the chrony and will most likely only have to make minor adjustments.  Use this to your advantage, it is a horrible feeling to get to the event and find out that your paintball marker is down and not functioning.  Now compound this with the possibility that it is a minor, common part or tool you need, and you have none of these with you, yet yesterday you could have purchased this part and repaired your marker.  Now spend the first hour before the tournament rushing around looking for this item, then rushing to repair your paintball marker, just how well do think you are going to play your first game?

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