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Full Head Coverage Masks
The paintball mask I like to use is the JT full head grey and black mask.  I feel the full head mask is the best way to go.  Of course I like the protection it provides but I like it for other reasons as well....  1. With the full head mask, you never have to worry about the mask falling down your face,  2.  you have much better visibility in your peripherals,  3. a full head mask goes down further in the front of your face providing protection to a bit of the neck as well.  I also think it looks much better in general; it's more intitmidating looking.  The full head mask also provides protection to the top of your head, the back of you head and your ears.  The next mask I get will be the Hawkeye mask with tactical helmet now that we are getting more into scenario paintball competitions.  This mask is definitely one to look for on the market; but you can get great deals on them at  When you're upgrading your paintball supplies, you should have a check list to go through.  First buy a better/upgrade your paintball gun, second buy a good mask, third get a better barrel, fourth change to hpa and fifth upgrade the gun to the look that you want... but the second step is buy a good mask.  I highly recommend the jt full head mask or the Hawkeye mask with tactical helmet for full head coverage.
Matt Kresch, Team Trinity
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