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Put a spin on that ball! .... The APEX Barrel

Recently, there have been a number of products to come out that are reputed to add a 'spin' to your paintball as it comes out of the paintball gun barrel.  The barrel itself has to be 'rifled', however this just means it has tiny grooves in it.  If you just buy a 'rifled' tactical barrel, this doesn't necessarily mean it will put a spin on your paintball.  You have to make sure the rifled grooves have a 'spiral' shape to them inside the barrel.  There are two paintball gun barrels out there right now that will do this.  One is called the Hammerhead barrel and the other is called the Apex barrel.  The Hammerhead barrel is a full length barrel that will fit on all the Tippmann guns, BT, PCS and Spyder paintball guns.  It has spiralled rifling grooves throughout the length of the barrel and will put a spin on your ball.  If you want even more control, check out the Apex barrel.  This one is not a whole length barrel, but rather an attachment to the end of a barrel; it works best if you attach it on the end of a rifled tactical barrel.  The APEX barrel attachment will allow you to direct your paintball either by shooting farther, or you can have it veer to the right or left.  It even has a tiny switch on the side of it so you can choose which direction you want the paintball to curve to.  This thing should be unfair/illegal to have one on the paintball field as you can hit you opponents while they're hiding behind bunkers!

 The latest buzz is all about barrels that have spiral threads/rifles inside of them that allow you to spin your paintball - giving you further distance and even letting you 'direct' or curve your shot.  Well there is actually is such an animal and it's called the APEX barrelThis is a thread-on barrel, you can attach to the tip of all RAPTOR Barrels and the 7/8 RECON rifled barrel.  The APEX gives you the power, distance, accuracy and the performance of a rifled barrel with the ability of the Tippmann Flatline Barrel.  With the APEX and RAPTOR / Recon rifled barrel combination you are guaranteed to get more distant, accuracy and more elimination than ever before.  Here is how it works..... The APEX barrel has an adjusting switch that allows you to control how much curve to put on the ball.  You can turn the APEX barrel to curve up, down, left or right.  This allows you to have full control where the paintball will land.  With the APEX barrel you will able to shoot around an object at a curve to take out your opponent.  This is the biggest "cheat" advantage upgrade you can get for your paintball marker.  If straight shot does not do the job, you can take out your opponent hiding behind rocks, trees, bunkers or any other obstructing objects with a curve.  You can make impossible shots with this barrel!  The APEX Thread On Barrel is compatible with all Raptor Tactical Rifled Barrels, Tactical Barrels, Spyder MR1, MR2, MR3 7/8th inch Recon Barrels, and Tippmann X7 7/8th inch Recon Barrels.  

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