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Rescue The Hostage

This game is totally fun especially if you're into tactical paintball because you can get all decked out in tactical paintball vests, body armor and the like.  Basically, one team must get a "hostage" away from the other team and bring him back unharmed.  Obviously, you will need 2 teams; Rescuers and Terrorists.  The Terrorists pick one Rescuer to act as the Hostage.  You will need 2 Hostage Holding Areas; however only one location of the Hostage Holding Areas is disclosed to the Rescuers; Terrorists do not know which location was disclosed.  Establish an area the Rescuers will have to take the Hostage in order to win the game; this will be known as 'Sanctuary'.  Terrorists know where the Sanctuary is.  Here are a few rules to follow....
1. Terrorists are given a five minute head start to take the Hostage to one of the Hostage Holding Areas.
2. A start of Game Signal is given to let Terrorists know when the game has begun.
3. Terrorists cannot move the Hostage out of the Hostage Holding Area.
4. The Hostage cannot attempt escape.
5. If the Hostage is hit, the team that hit him loses.
6. The Hostage must have at least one Rescuer with him when he reaches Sanctuary for the Rescuers to win.
7. If the Hostage finds himself alone for some reason, after being rescued, he must stay where he is and wait for the Rescuers to find him again.  He may call out for help if he wishes.  A variation of this game is to let the Hostage have a paintball gun or not.  If you decide to give him one, he is only allowed to use it on route to the sanctuary.
8. All players must begin the game at their flag station (or assigned starting point) and cannot leave that area until the game begins.
9. Players who are hit are out of the game.
10. Players who are eliminated may not, by word or gesture, indicate any intentions or locations of the opposing team members.
Object of the Game:  Terrorists - Stop the Rescuers from bringing the Hostage to Sanctuary.  Rescuers - Bring Hostage to Sanctuary.
Tactical Advantage: A living objective instead of a flag changes a lot of things.  Flags don't talk back, flags don't want to stop and take a rest, flags don't hide behind you shouting "Get him. Not him. HIM! You moron!"  You must protect the Hostage at all costs.  When he/she is in the custody of the opposing team you must also be careful because if you hit him YOU lose the game.  Those players protecting the hostage should therefore stay real close to him, the opposition may not want to risk shooting at you if they think they might hit the Hostage.  This game is most fun with tactical gear.... tactical vests, tactical paintball markers; use your scenario strategies to maneuver your team and protect your Hostage. You may even want someone on the team using a sniper paintball gun who has a good vantage point to guard.

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