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Gift Certificates

Paintball is easy to get addicted to; in fact I know a lot of guys who can be considered 'over-addicted'.  Getting over addicted to paintball is both good and bad for a player.  It is good because it shows that you love to play the sport and you'll play it enough to get good; but then the bad thing happens. You start putting money into it that you don't need too; you start overspending every last dollar you've got.  Every paintball player at one time or another has spent money they didn't need to; I know....  I was overly addicted to the game, and I still am.  Once you get sucked into the world of paintball it is very hard to get out of it.  I may need to join some kind of 12-step program to help with my paintball addiction!  The money comes in from the constant supply of paintballs you need, jerseys and everyone always wants the latest and greatest markers, and equipment; I sure do.  But now I try to control myself a little bit by saying to myself, "Hey the paintball marker I have is very good and still works fine; why buy a new one when I don't really need it right now?"  I'll tell you why you eventually give in and buy the new marker.... because they're awesome!  Try not to get to overly excited with paintball, because it can clean you out quickly.  Two pieces of advice that I can give you is that if your going to play paintball alot... Get a job!  The other piece of advice is shop at - they've got great deals.

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