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An important move to use while paintballing is the crawl.  Crawling is a way of moving around, both backwards and forwards, on all four limbs and stay close to the ground.  It may be necessary on a field where the bunkers are low to the ground.  It can reduce the likelihood of being shot during an ambush and is good for a means of moving around quietly.  It's also great for avoiding enemy fire and staying out of harm's way.  There are some important things to remember while crawling, however.  First of all, make sure that your elbows and feet are not exposed to potential paintball impact.  Also, make sure your marker remains close to your body and out of your enemie's range.  Most importantly, make sure the hand your holding your paintball gun in is in a position that you can shoot at your enemies if needed.  There are many instances when crawling is the best choice for getting around.  Some instances may be when opposition is moving forward and has not spotted you yet; when you are playing in the woods and there is plenty of brush and vegetation to help conceal you, and when you are moving from one bunker to another that is connected or very closely spaced to the one you are leaving.  It is important to maintain open lines of communication with your teammates and even for them to shoot and distract your enemy while one individual from your team makes their move.  You may also want to crawl to stay invisible when trying to flank your enemy.

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