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Good paintball tactics include knowing the lay of the land, knowing where your teammates (and enemies) are, and maintaining formations that will provide cover for your teammates.  One thing's for sure, using all the right strategies will definitely put you in a better position to have success on the field.  First, go over a game plan with your teammates prior to the start of a match.  Decide on attack formations, skirmish lines, and the side of the field where you plan to focus your resources.  Decide if you and your team are going to attack from the right, left, or from a full-on, in your face, center attack right down the middle.  Lean on veterans who have had experience playing on that particular field or on ones with similar terrain/dimensions. What formations and moves work the best on this type of course? 

Make it a point to control the real estate of the field.... move down the field as quickly as you can when the game starts.  Paintball tactics such as this give you an obvious advantage on the field; the faster you move down the field to start the game, the closer you get to your opponent's side of the field.  In 'capture the flag' style games, this makes it that much harder for opponents to capture your flag; it puts them on the defensive immediately. Sometimes this may also allow you to control access to defensive posts such as trees, rocks, and shelters to attack from later.  This is a great strategy, but don't go too overboard.... being patient and waiting for your shot can also pay large dividends.  Sometimes, if you decide to come out of the gate blasting, you can waste a lot of paintballs, and you might meet a splattering end.  Sometimes sitting, waiting, and thinking are the best strategy at any given moment. You may have a great stakeout point for blasting someone that wanders into your shooting range.  Finally, consider using a 'skirmish line'.  A skirmish line is a group of players proceeding in a line down the field while separated by ~10-12 feet.  This makes your group better protected from getting flanked.  The execution of a skirmish line gives you protection on your left and right as you proceed down the field.  Any opponents in the path of the skirmish line usually get snuffed out.  While your skirmish line is advancing, it's also important to maintain a line of communication with your teammates.

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