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If you're looking to buy a new paintball marker, make sure you get one that's specific for your personality and will match what type of play you like the best.  I play both scenario and speedball so I my paintball gun reflects that.  I was using my Planet Eclips Etek2 for both types of games, but I decided to get something specific for woodsball and just use that gun for speedball only.  Don't get me wrong, the Etek2 is a great marker and can definitely be used for both games, but it's really more specific for speedball... it's super fast, automatic, works best with an electronic hopper and it's super light for the quick maneuvering in a speedball match.  As my appetite for woodsball grew, I decided to expand into a marker that looked more tactical and offered more options for this type of game.  So I got an Alpha Black Tactical marker (camo version).  This gun not only looks the part, but now I can add mounts to attach a vertical grip, scope or sight.  I can also change the entire look of the gun by upgrading to a sniper barrel or different buttstock.  The great thing about the Alpha Black is that you can also add things that will upgrade the marker's performance too, like a cyclone feed, electronic trigger or rifled barrel.  I got the Alpha Black in case I want to change positions on the field too; if I want to play in the front, I can expect more close quarter battles and I will upgrade to an e-trigger.  If I decide to become a sniper or play in the back, I can upgrade it into a sniper rifle by adding a scope and longer barrel.  These options weren't available with the Etek2.  So before getting a new marker, first decide what type of game you like to play... speedball or woodsball.  Then make your decision based on what position you might like the best.  Next, choose a brand you want to try; pick a budget you're working with and start visiting stores to see what's available.  In other words, what you really need to look for when buying a paintball marker, is the one that works the best for you, not the most expensive, or cheapest one you can get.  Once you've decided these things, the best thing to do is shoot it to see if you like it, however this option is not always available.  Make sure you always do your home work on a marker before buying it.
Mike Morton, Team Trinity

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