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"We Need BackUp!"

This is pretty much a standard Capture the Flag game but the teams can go back for reinforcements and the players you've eliminated go back to defend their flag station.  You'll need 2 teams, flag stations and 2 flags in their respective flag stations.  The flag stations double as Reinforcement Rally points.  Here are some rules and how to play:
1. Eliminated players go back to their flag station.
2. One player wears a special armband.  This is the only player that can go back to the flag station to get reinforcements.
3. If the player wearing the armband is eliminated, he proceeds back to the flag station. He then collects those players who wish to rejoin the game and he himself rejoins the game.  In this case the eliminated players have no choice but to be reinforcements.  They cannot stay behind and defend the flag station.
4. Players can elect to stay behind and defend the flag station, with the exception of REINFORCEMENTS Rule 3.  When they return to the flag station they are automatically active defenders.
5. Players returning to the flag station must physically tag the flag to become active defenders.  If the flag is not at the flag stations the players are considered out of the game as they enter the flag station.
6. All players must begin the game at their flag station (or assigned starting point) and cannot leave that area until the game begins.
7. Players who are hit are out of the game but the player is only out until he reaches his flag station.  Players eliminated at the flag station are out of the game.
8. If a player is eliminated while he is carrying the flag, he must drop the flag where he was hit, or hang it on the nearest available object.
9. Players who are eliminated may not, by word or gesture, indicate any intentions or locations of the opposing team members.
10. Players eliminated in their own flag stations are out of the game.
11. When a player is carrying the flag, it must remain visible at all times and must be carried in the hand, over the arm or around the neck. 
Object of the Game: Capture the opposing team's flag and return it to your base.
Tactical Advantage: You will have to keep in mind that every member of the assault force you eliminate will be back defending the flag.  If you get to the flag station and you're low on players, send back for reinforcements.  Remember, if you send back for reinforcements and the flag station is being attacked, you will lose defenders and probably your flag.
Best Paintball Equipment to use: any type of tactical paintball marker or competition paintball gun will do.  Something with an electronic trigger is nice; add an electronic hopper to speed your game up even more.

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