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Paintball Burner

This is a great game to finish off your day and eat up the rest of your paintballs if you want.  Basically, there are no losers!  This is a game for multiple 3 man teams, but don't worry about flags or flag stations.  You will need a holding area for players who've been eliminated.  Create, depending on group size, as many three man teams as you can.  Odd players out will wait in the Designated Holding Area for enough eliminated players to return and will make up the next ingoing team.  Teams start the game in different areas of the field.  This game is fun to try and keep it within a 30 minute time frame; or you can just play until everyone is spent or all the paintballs are gone if you're trying to use up your paint.  Here's how it works:
1. Once a player is hit, he proceeds to the Designated Holding Area.
2. Once there are three players in the Designated Holding Area, they rejoin the game as a new team.
3. A referee will escort a newly formed team out into the field, away from the action and any other teams, if possible and signal their entry with a short whistle blast.
4. Players cannot shoot or be shot at while being escorted by the referee.
5. All players must begin the game at their flag station (or assigned starting point) and cannot leave that area until the game begins.
6. Players who are hit are out of the game, but only until they form another team.
7. Players who are eliminated may not, by word or gesture, indicate any intentions or locations of the opposing team members. 
What's great about this game is everybody wins!
Tactical Advantage:  Stay close to the boundaries of the field, at least you'll know you won't have anyone behind you.  If you hear shooting, run up and blind side the two combating teams.  It would be advisable to keep checking your back when you're not against the boundary.  You'll learn how to stick together and know where your other team mates are.  There is one good thing about being alone, though.  You know EVERYBODY is a bad guy.
Best Paintball Equipment to use: any type of tactical paintball marker or competition paintball gun will do.  Something with an electronic trigger is nice; add an electronic hopper to speed your game up even more.

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