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Practice Makes Perfect

You cannot win a game of paintball without regular shooting at your opponents and staying focused on avoiding getting shot yourself at the same time - it has to be one or the other (and both at the same time!).  Use a little discipline with your trigger finger and you'll not only save paintballs but you'll also keep your opponents guessing!  Remember not to always come out of the same bunker in the same spot; vary your positions to always keep them guessing on where you're at.  Otherwise your opponent may catch on to your pattern and use it against you.  It takes a lot more than just dodging a few paintballs headed your way to win the game.  If you're not moving forward, you're not winning.  You have to be able to move, shoot and be able to hit your target - all at the same time.  Obviously, the more accurate your shooting is, the more quickly you will eliminate your opposition.  This is why practice is so important.  Practice your accuracy by trying to hit moving targets as well as still ones.  To get the most out of practicing, it's essential to have a reliable paintball marker that has a straight shot in a high rate of fire.  Practice shooting targets all you want but the best practice is doing - the more paintball you play, the better you get at playing paintball!  Schedule in a set amount of time each week that you can devote to practicing and improving your skills.  Practice drills can make all the difference if you take your practice time seriously.  Have one of your buddies coach you to help point out your strengths and build up your weaknesses.

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