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Evaluate your playing skills by monitoring three things.... the way you move, the way you shoot and the way you coordinate moves with other teammates.  Great paintballers learn how to shoot to take out the opposition - while moving, and work well with their teammates to stay alive through key moments in the game.  For the most effective shooting in games, there's no better exercise to improve other than shooting itself!  The more you shoot, the better you get... practice shooting as many paintballs as possible in between games and you will find your accuracy and shooting ability greatly improved.  To improve shooting accuracy and effectiveness between games, practice shooting drills such as 'Snap Shooting'; also practice shooting games such as 'Follow Me', 'Reach for the Top', and 'Long Shot'.  Shooting drills help players improve their accuracy and get a feel for their ranges of accuracy. Consistently shooting at a target that is out of a players range is a waste of energy, time and paintballs.  A common shooting strategy is to rapid fire at the enemy whose profile is partially exposed outside a bunker.  This tactic of steadily shooting at a particular player is also known as 'painting the enemy back'.  Once the player has receded entirely behind the bunker to avoid elimination, you can then continue to advance towards him until you're close enough to mark him.  This tactic is often described as bunkering.

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