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Sweet Spotting

If you want to be a better paintballer than most other players on the field, learn and practice different techniques!  It's important to not only have a knowledge of  different playing strategies, but to be practiced in them as well and make them your own.  One good way to eliminate opposing players is by using a technique called sweet spotting.  This is when you shoot extended fire at high traffic areas such as bases and bunkers without aiming.  This method works best in games with time limits because you know at some point the opponent will have to come by that area.  When he does, he will have a very good chance of getting eliminated.

You should practice shooting your paintball gun as you walk, run, and even rushing out from behind bunkers and such; shooting while you are moving is an important skill to master.  Experienced players can come out from behind cover with their marker at eye level, ready to fire.  Using this skill along with keeping good communication with your teammates will not only help avoid accidental shootings, but will also keep you informed about what your other guys are doing.  This will also make it even more difficult for your enemies to eliminate you or your teammates.

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