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Flanking is one of hundreds of paintball tactics in which a player distracts the opposing team with an attack while another player sneaks around the side or back of the other team.  It is most successfully used on players who have tunnel vision or are so wrapped up in fighting off the players in front of them that they don't notice the attackers making their way around them to defend an attack from the side or back.  The attacking player who is making his way around to the side or back of the enemy relies heavily on his teammates.  It is up to the teammates to keep the opposing team distracted.  Without full support from his team, the likelihood of being successful with this move is low.  When flanking, make sure to stay as invisible to the other team as possible; remain unseen with crawling and staying hidden behind bunkers, keeping shooting to a minimum to avoid being detected.  Then when you're in the right spot, surprise the enemy with a barrage of well-placed shots, preferably from an automatic paintball gun.  Make sure your flanking move is pre-planned in your team strategy so your other teammates know when you're making the move and will keep fire heavy while you're moving.  Sometimes it's smart to have your sniper do the flanking so he can sneak precision shots at key players in more vulnerable positions.

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