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      If you're buying a new paintball marker, here's some more tips and questions to ask to make sure you get what you want.  Treat your paintball gun like it's going to protect your life and win your game because it's going to!

1.  Look at the most expensive paintball markers, and the least expensive.  Remember your gun is the most major investment in your game - especially if you're tournament-bound.
2.  Check the paintball marker manufacturer's website, to learn about upgrades and tech information.  Look for paintball marker owners' groups on line.
3.  When you're going to play in stock or pump games, the marker will have to meet their rules.  It may need to run on 12 gram CO2 cylinders.  Loader size may also be limited. Read the rules before you buy!
4.  Look through the owner's manual.  Does it have good drawings and easy to follow instructions?
5.  Ask about barrel kits to fit the paintball marker, if it does not come with a kit.  The paintball gun to barrel match will affect your accuracy.    
6.  No matter what paintball marker you shoot, play safely.  Wear an approved paintball mask.  Chronograph often, and stay under the speed limit.  Follow the rules of safe marker handling. Keep the game fun!
    You can always decide to sell the paintball marker you have and buy something else, as your game changes.  Some stores take trade-ins.  Think about how a second marker and paintball mask let you bring a friend to play!  Many players have a closet full of different paintball markers and corresponding paintball supplies to match different types of play or specific games.

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