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Trigger Types

Many paintball guns offer upgrades to their triggers.  If you buy a Tippmann paintball gun, you can get a double trigger, response trigger or an e-grip..... what's the difference? The double trigger is very popular.  It's a common practice among Tourney players to "fan" the trigger to get close to full-auto performance out of their paintball gun. You can't really fan a trigger without a double, so Tippmann offers this fan-able trigger group if you're going for Tourney-style rapid fire. These are great because 'fanning' the trigger allows you to shoot very rapidly; almost as fast as an automatic but with more control.

While some fields will not allow fully-auto guns, you can usually get away with a response trigger.  By siphoning off a tiny amount of air pressure, the reactive trigger provides bounce-ability that can give you field-legal full-auto when you need it. By applying the perfect amount of pressure to the trigger, the trigger begins to bounce between the piston and the shooter's finger, sending your paintball marker into a sort of full-auto mode. Most fields allow the Response Trigger, but you should still check before buying. Finally there's the e-grip.  If you're looking for varying modes of fire, the Tippmann E-Grip gives you full auto, three-shot burst, reactive trigger and single-shot. The electronic trigger pops onto the Tippmann paintball gun body in seconds and runs off a 9-volt battery stored in the grip.  If you're looking for full-auto, though, you should make sure that your local field allows it.  Most don't.

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