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T68 M4 Carbine Sniper
The T68 M4 Carbine Sniper paintball gun is rigged for the serious paintball sniper.  It's 18" tactical rifled barrel and Gem Tech Silencer give you serious control for long-range attacks.  Add an electronic trigger so you can pick off opponents one by one or spray them with an automatic barage of paint!  Use the powerful 9 x 32 sniper scope to hone in on precise, pin-point targets from long distance.  The scope is mounted with the well-designed sidewinder scope mount - giving you plenty of room to dial in your scope while wearing your paintball mask.  The T68 M4 Carbine sniper also comes with an RIS bipod attached to the realistic M4 handguard.  Just like all T68's this gun is magazine and/or hopper fed and comes standard with the Flexi Air System; which means it will accept all types of air sources, including standard CO2 and HPA tanks or remote line setups.  You can also choose an option with the Flexi-air buttstock system for a remote line adaptor which allows for a more efficient/convenient place to plug in your remote line.
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