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  1. Beginner players are often terrified of paintball because of how dangerous it is made out to be. No Matter what people tell you it is not so dangerous! There are only a few injuries that you can sustain while playing paintball and most are just real minor injuries you can get playing any other sport in the world.

    The first injury I would like to talk about that you can get while playing paintball is the one that all beginners, even experienced player fear the most.

  2. For some, woodsball is the ultimate simulation, while others see it as an unofficial game.  If your thinking about playing or even investing in woodsball paintball equipment, here are some things you should know about the game.  1) Woodsball takes guts.  It's not for the faint of heart. The forest isn’t full of woodland creatures that are going to aid you on your way; it’s full of dangers from bugs to snakes.  2) Don’t be afraid of dirt.

  3. Communication is the unseen edge in paintball. It's one of the most important aspects of woodsball and even paintball as a whole. Without communication, your potential 1st place team is turned into a pack of unorganized barbarians that any competent team can take out.  In woodsball, communication is even more important; avoiding ambushes and knowing which part of the field is laden with explosives will definitely keep you playing longer.

  4. Even though there has been has been a shift towards more militaristic markers, speedball markers still are a great option for the game.  Unlike magazine fed markers or woodsball markers in particular, the main advantage of speedball guns is the speed and light weight.

    One of the great things about speedball markers is they are incredibly fast.

  5. Flanking is one of hundreds of paintball tactics in which a player distracts the opposing team with an attack while another player sneaks around the side or back of the other team.  It is most successfully used on players who have tunnel vision or are so wrapped up in fighting off the players in front of them that they don't notice the attackers making their way around them to defend an attack from the side or back.

  6. In paintball, Freight Training is an illegal move.  Freight Training is an attempt by a tagged player to affect the outcome of a game by lingering in the game.  After being hit, the player is supposed to put their barrel plug into the end of their paintball gun and immediately exit to the nearest dead box that will not cause any interference in the game.

  7. An important move to use while paintballing is the crawl.  Crawling is a way of moving around, both backwards and forwards, on all four limbs and stay close to the ground.  It may be necessary on a field where the bunkers are low to the ground.  It can reduce the likelihood of being shot during an ambush and is good for a means of moving around quietly.

  8. Bunkering is a move for more experienced players.  It can be trouble for less experienced players, because there are so many things that can go wrong.  To be successful with bunkering, the player needs to be able to mix things up with little warning.  When a player is bunkering his opponent, he charges straight at a bunker that is occupied by an opposing player, shooting as he goes.

  9. In paintball, it is considered unsportmanlike to shoot a player from closer than 25 feet.  Sometimes you can sneak up on a player or if you get too close to him to shoot, you can use the 'Barrel Tap'.  A Barrel Tap is when a player eliminates his opponent from the game by taping him on the back with the barrel of his paintball marker.

  10. A paintball strategy usually includes all of the player's or team's pre-planned tactics that they will use to complete the objective or win the game. The best advice for a team is to select a painball strategy based on the teammates they have near them, the alignment of the opposition, and the format of the game being played.  Strategies must often be different when playing on flat surfaces and airball bunkers as opposed to rough natural terrains with a lot of steep inclines.

  11. Evaluate your playing skills by monitoring three things.... the way you move, the way you shoot and the way you coordinate moves with other teammates.  Great paintballers learn how to shoot to take out the opposition - while moving, and work well with their teammates to stay alive through key moments in the game.  For the most effective shooting in games, there's no better exercise to improve other than shooting itself!  The more you shoot, the better you get.

  12. It has often been said that a well coached team with excellent field communication skills can triumph over a collection of players with superior talent and paintball gear (but poor communication skills).  In most paintball games, there are several positions you can choose to play on your team.

  13. A paintball attack is when a team makes their move towards the enemy side of the field, make a surge to the opposing team's flag, or makes a move towards the defending team's players.  There are hundreds of different paintball games and your method of attack may be different for each, depending on the objective of the game or other variables, like whether or not there are bunkers to hide behind.

  14. Always be honest.  There is no need to call a paint check if you are hit with splatter.  Suck it up, announce that you are out, and exit the field.

    • The most important rule is to never take your goggles off.  Eye injuries are the most devastating injury in paintball, and all eye injuries are avoidable.
  15. When you first step onto a paintball field, you will find there will be different levels of players.  Don't get discouraged when you're a white belt with paintball!  You've got to start somewhere; here are a few tips to make things a little easier and know what to expect....

       Learn by playing.

  16. Here's a few tips for the beginner paintballer to help your performance on the paintball field...
    1.  When you're hiding behind a bunker; if you decide to peek your head out to survey the field, move to a new location the next time you decide to look around the corner.

  17. If you're a newbie to paintball, here are some tips about playing that might help you do better on the field... know before you go! 
    1.  Don't play in paintball games that are beyond your skill level.  If you're just getting started, play with a crew that have played less than 10 times and you will have much more fun.

  18. Have you ever heard the saying, "How do you get to Carnagie Hall? ... Practice, practice, practice."  If you want to get better at something (like paintball), you have to practice.  So like anything else, if you want to get good at paintball, you have to practice; but where?  My team (Team Trinity) has found a small, but very nice piece of woods close to where we all live to play in.

  19. Checking out the field before you start a match is very important for both you and your paintball team.  If you know the field well, you will have a huge advantage over the opposing team.  If you are a back player, it is very important you check out the field so you know your lanes to shoot.  You need to know the paintball field to have the right angles on your opponents, and to know where your opponents will be able to see you; not to mention knowing where the best cover is.

  20. Stay on the move!  Successful players manage to survive longer when they stay on the move, and change positions frequently.  When players move during a game, they are hard to hit.  Move around keep moving until you have your enemy in a position where you think that you can make high percentage shots, and be vigilant towards finding the best angles to shoot from to take your most effective shots at the enemy.

  21. Sponsorship; the one thing every paintball team wants to have.  Most players looking for sponsors think its all about getting free stuff. In reality, what sponsorship is really all about is the relationship you have with a company who agrees to sponsor you. Sponsors are really great to have but only if you help them out.... one way to do this is by putting their name on your equipment and spreading the word about that company.

  22. Many paintballers prefer speedball while others prefer woodsball; these are the two ways to play paintball. There are pros and cons of each game.  There are many differences between the two such as how long their played, the amount of paint used, and the amount of air used.  Speedball is a very fast paced game, and takes around 10 minutes tops; while a woodsball game could take from 30 minutes to several hours or more.

  23. When on the paintball field, there is one major thing the game revolves around.... shooting the enemy.  In order to do so, effective aiming is a crucial point.  Here are some tips for aiming a paintball gun.

  24. Before starting a game, strategize with your team to decide on who's going to go where and how you're going to move on the paintball field as a team.  Practice these maneuvers regularly so your movements are almost automatic. It's also a good idea to practice vocal commands and hand signal communications as part of your strategic movement on the paintball field.
  25. Wearing the right foot wear on the paintball field is very important.  Make sure you get what you need for what kind of game your playing.  If you're playing woodsball, I would recommend buying a good comfortable pair of light weight boots; if speedball is your game, I recommend wearing an old, or cheap pair of cleats.  They do make cleats just for speedball, but I would not recommend buying them unless you play so much that you would need them all the time.

  26. SAFETY, the one thing all paintballers should keep in mind while playing. Whether it's woodsball or speedball, all players on the paintball field should know, no matter what - be safe! Its great to have fun running around, jumping, sliding, twisting, etc. but it's not fun getting hurt by making a stupid mistake. If you know you won't be able to do something then don't do it, don't do something thinking, "Hey I think I can make it over that", and then end up breaking your leg.

  27. Wear a Paintball Jersey When You Play!
    I very much like
    jerseys, they are a cool part of the paintball garb for their different looks and styles.  Generally, you can buy them front certain name brand companies, or you can even customize your own to have your team name, sponsors or even your name/nickname and team number.
  28. Essential Scenario Gear
    Here are some things that are necessary to bring with you when going to a big scenario game.  Most importantly - your
    paintball marker, pods, your hopper, and paintball mask.

  29. How To Slide Properly
    Sliding.  Believe it or not, there's actually and right and a wrong to way to slide; here are some tips on sliding.....
    When in a match, both speedball or woodsball, a very important move is the slide.  There are many different ways to do it and many times/opportunities to do it.  First is the Baseball Slide - this is a 'leg-first' slide in which you form a 4 with you legs and slide into a cover/behind a

  30. Speedball Tips
    Here are some tips on playing speedball. First and foremost, make sure you learn ALL the rules, and know how the game is played before even stepping foot on paintball field.  Try to practice moves and strategies ahead of time, and learn the right way to slide and dive - before your first real match.

  31. Shooting Tips
    Here' a few tips for aiming and shooting your
    paintball gun that should yield great returns on the paintball field..... When you are behind a bunker, or tree, or some type of cover and locked into a shooting battle, there are a few things you can do to increase your chances.
  32. Scenario Game Strategies
    When playing on the field during big game scenario events there are certain things you will want to try to do in order to secure a win.   Move your players up on the paintball field and find flanking positions.
  33. Need To Know Basics

    There are basically two types of games in paintball.... Speedball and Woodsball.  Speedball is a fast paced timed game that generally lasts from 10-15 minutes depending on the match.  This game is played on a field with blow-up inflatable bunkers to hide behind and shoot.  The paintball guns used are very light, technical and super fast.

  34. Keep Your Paintballs On The Field
    Your only supposed to shoot paintballs on the field and not bring it on the street.  Most towns and cities have laws against shooting paintballs within the town/city limits.  It is against the law to shoot any kind of street signs, businesses or anything else within your town's limits unless it's a designated area (like an indoor or outdoor field).
  35. Paintball Gun Upgrades

    After you've been playing with the same old paintball gun for a while, you soon get a craving for something fresh. You've also probably seen Joe Blow paintballer down at the field with a totally decked-out paintball gun and he's absolutely crushing his opponents. When you get the craving for something faster, it's time to think about an upgrade to your paintball marker.

  36. What Have You Learned From Paintball?

    One thing I have learned from paintball is team work.  Another thing I have learned is that being friends and playing paintball as a team are two totally different things.  I've learned that sometimes the paintball team can have a little conflict, but it should never stop you from having fun.

  37. Beginner Equipment

    You've been playing paintball for a while, what equipment would you recommend for the newbie, just starting out?
    Obviously, the most essential piece they're going to need is a paintball marker.  The gun I would recommend for a beginner is a Spyder Xtra, Sonix, or even a Spyder MR1; these are easy to operate, maintain and there are many attachments and upgrades you can buy for them later.

  38. More On Scenario Paintball

    I love scenario paintball the best; it's really fun to compete with to.  You get to go out in the woods and hunt people down.  I don't think it's as fun to know where your opponent is like you do in speedball; in woodsball you can run into them while on patrol or you might walk into an ambush where they're hiding - there's unexpected action at every corner.

  39. Scenario or Speedball?

    I play and compete in both Scenario and Speedball.  If I had to choose between the two or answer the question, 'which do you like better?'  The style of game I would choose is scenario paintball.  I like playing in the woods and running around, using natural things like trees, bushes and hills for cover.

  40. What I Love About Paintball

    What I love about paintball is being able to have loads of fun with my teammates and friends.  Another reason I love paintball is the fact that I can just go out to a paintball field and just run around shooting people - where else can you do that?!.  I play paintball not just because it's fun, but also because it's a very competitive sport.

  41. When playing "snake", it is very common that you would crawl on your one hand and knees from one end to the other; this is a very good strategy but there is one cruecial error with it, almost everyone who crawls like such uses their palm, wich is of course the most confortable and instinctive way to do it, but DON'T.  I'm telling you now, if you do you're risking seriously hyper-extending something in your arm or wrist, and that's not fun at all.
  42. Speedball Strategies

    Here's a couple of tips about how to play speedball.  These are great things to know if you're just starting to play this fast-paced game.....
    Tip #1: Keep moving. A good speedball player should always be moving from bunker
     to bunker, especially when the opposing team does not have a clear view of you doing so.

  43. Accuracy 101

    For all intents and purposes, including those of physics and science in general, no paintball marker can be more accurate than another because no bolt configuration can be more accurate than another, in theory.  However, in the real world, this idea rarely plays out as it is intended to.  Wind positions, temperature, your FPS reading, all of these will change on a second-to-second basis.

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