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  1. For my 14th birthday party fifteen friends of mine and I went to Liberty paintball field in Patterson NY to celebrate.  With me, I brought my brand new Spyder E-MR1 paintball marker.  In the first game, we played on Liberty’s speedball field.  Five seconds after the whistle was blown I was halfway down the field tearing up the other team, when out of the blue my gun quit working.  I thought it was my CO2 because I forgot to refill it before going onto the paintball field.

  2. Now you can use your paintball gun for hunting!  Of course you’re not going to be able to bag any big game with your Tippmann A5, but you can use your gun to help attract them.  Shoot Buck Lure Scented paintballs into territory you want to attract buck deer to hunt them.  These .68 caliber paintballs carry the scent of female deer urine and will ‘mark’ your territory, making it smell like a place of frequency for doe.
  3. Ok, so we all know that paintball fields have restrictions on certain paints.  Why are these paints restricted?  There are multiple reasons.  The most common and a major reason that paint is on the banned list of your field is the paint is probably oil based.  As paintball has progressed, we have experimented and found out water based paint is much better to shoot off.  Not only do oil based paints destroy/stain the fields property, they do the same to players' gear and skin.

  4. Most paintball markers and paintballs are .68 caliber; this is the standard size used in tournaments, commercial fields, and paintball parts worldwide.  So, why would company’s start producing a different sized paintball (that require totally different guns and are not the standard size?  Why .50 caliber)?

    As it turns out, there are many benefits to .

  5. Many paintballers hang up their gear for the winter, but some of the more hardcore fans play all year long.  Playing in the cold, however will require you to use certain paintball equipment.  CO2 tanks tend to freeze up after shooting your marker repetitively; this causes inconsistencies in the temperature of the gas, making your paintball gun’s shooting less reliable.

  6. What To Get....

    "What should I look for in a paintball starter package for my two grandsons?  What should it include?  They are 12 and 8 respectively.  Since they are new to the game, what would be best suited for that age bracket and their skill level?"

    To start paintballing you will need a paintball gun, CO2 tank, hopper and mask.
  7. Speedball is a fast pace game.  It can be played indoors or outdoors, but generally played on a rectangular paintball field.  Both sides of the field must be set up with the same arrangement of semi or permanent bunkers.  However, speedball can also be played on a field with portable inflatable bunkers such as the half moon or the beam in instances where the players want to make their own original arrangement.

  8. As you get more addicted to paintball, sometimes it becomes tough trying fit it all in.  Keeping your grades up while playing paintball is a hard thing to do.  Especially if you're playing other sports (along with paintball), you need to find time to get your school work done and still be able to play.  You'll have to manage your time wisely while playing paintball during the school year.

  9. Keeping the game fun is the most important thing to do while playing paintball.  Paintball is, and should always be about kids (and adults) having fun.  Sometimes people will try to cheat, by wiping paint, ramping over the limit, increasing the velocity of their paintball gun higher than the 'legal limit' or using illegal paintballs.

  10. Paintball is easy to get addicted to; in fact I know a lot of guys who can be considered 'over-addicted'.  Getting over addicted to paintball is both good and bad for a player.  It is good because it shows that you love to play the sport and you'll play it enough to get good; but then the bad thing happens. You start putting money into it that you don't need too; you start overspending every last dollar you've got.

  11. Winning paintball teams have several things in common... good tactics, practice drills, and a well conceived paintball strategy.  Having a well planned paintball strategy involves thinking a number of moves ahead, playing as a team, and having a specific game plan when confronting the enemy.  These will obviously be different for scenario and speedball games but or still must-have's to score the 'W'.
  12. My teammate Matt Kresch and I just went to a local field this past weekend and had a great time. We found out that on the paintball field, our team was stronger when Matt and I stuck together.  It seemed like the Teamwork we practiced could overcome any opposing team we encountered.  No matter how good of a team we were facing, as long as we worked togther, no one could beat us!  We also learned that when you are waiting to play another game, do not wait on the field; stay in a netted area until the game is over.
  13. Cleaning your paintball marker is a very important task that needs to be done after each time you play.  Some players never clean their marker at all, and this could lead up to many problems such as ball breakage - paintballs will often prematurely break when shot from a paintball gun with a dirty barrel.
  14. We Hate Cheaters!
    No one likes a cheater in
    paintball. Whether the player wipes his paint off after he's been shot or just doesn't play by the rules, no one likes cheaters. Everyone plays paintball to have a good time, why ruin it for them by cheating? I've seen my fair share of cheating  and it definitely takes the fun out of the game.
  15. Bunkers Add More Fun
    While paintball is a great sport to enjoy all the time, if you play the same game all the time, it can also grow stale in the same environment with the same people.  In order to inject a little bit of adrenaline into your game, consider adding some different 
    paintball bunkers to your field or perhaps take your game to a different area.

  16. Stock up on your Air Supplies - Wal Mart's not refilling anymore!

    So I bring my son's CO2 tanks into Wal Mart to exchange them for filled ones the other day..... and the kid behind the counter proceeds in telling me how paintball is being 'phased out' and that airsoft is taking over!  Yeah right!  Let's face it.

  17. Communication is Key!
    When on the paintball field, the number one rule and key to victory is communication.  As the saying goes the battle was lost due to lack of communication.
  18. Is paintball more of a sport for guys than it is for girls?
    I think not.  I'm very much the girly girl type.  I learned of paintball through a friend at first, but then my sisters’ boyfriend was on a team and talked about it non-stop.
  19. The Current Direction of Paintball

    What do you think about the direction that paintball is heading in?  Direction meaning new equipment coming out, the way competitions are run, scenario paintball getting bigger, etc.
    I love the current direction that paintball is heading; I think it's heading in the right direction and it's a very good one.

  20. I Play Paintball!

    My favorite equipment and paintball gun would have to be my face mask by JT and my Spyder Mr1.  This gun has great durability, smooth trigger pull and there are many, many upgrades to make it even more ready for combat.  I use it in speedball and tactical games.
  21. Funny stories about playing paintball... 

    The first day of practice, one of the guys that was on my team got shot in the testicles and dropped like a rock.  Another day we were playing and the same guy got hit in the same spot, I thought that was pretty funny, but he wasn't laughing.  I would highly recommend a groin protector!  One time, Travis, the Captain of our team, was running through the woods when all the sudden he tripped over a rock and face planted right into a tree.

  22. What kind of injuries have you had from paintball?
    I got hurt when I was playing paintball for the first time - we were playing scenario paintball in the woods and I tripped over a vine and scraped my legs and hands a little.
  23. Scenario or Speedball Competition?
    This is a good question, because I really like both; but if I had to choose one over the other I guess I would choose Scenario.
  24. Tips For Beginning Teams

    If you're just starting a paintball team, first get a bunch of your friends together and go out and play paintball in the woods to see if you like it and to see if they like it (and to see if you like playing with them!).

  25. I Love Paintball!

    I love playing paintball because its a totally addictive, fast paced, fun sport - and its safe to play.  I first started playing when I was 12 years old and I immediately loved it as a stress relief; somehow it relieves your stress because you get to shoot people with guns but
    not actually hurt or kill them.

  26. What I Dislike About Paintball

    The thing I dislike about paintball is when people get mad because they got hit and start throwing stuff.  They really need to stop acting like a baby and realize getting hit is part of playing paintball.  This is something I would change about paintball if I could; 'No one's allowed to get mad!'.

  27. Tips On Getting Sponsored....

    ChoicePaintballGuns is sponoring our team, The Midwest Assassins.... 
    If you want a good sponsor, the hard part is coming up with a nice team resume...and remember, your sponsorship is a business relationship - you need to give a little to recieve a little.  You need to be totally honest and don't just ask your sponsors for free stuff; this is something you work up to.

  28. Join A Team - It's More Fun!

       Why join a team?  Because it's much more fun!  There's no doubt about it team players get more kills, get killed less and hang more flags.  Always.  Here's how coordinated teams spank walk-on players:
    -Tight tactics such as suppressive fire, flanking and leap-frogging.
  29. .43 Cal Paintball Pistols Outlawed in Canada

    We can't figure out why Canadian Customs has put a ban on .43 caliber paintball pistols.  They do allow paintball in Canada, however cusoms can be tricky to send guns through.  Oddly, they won't bother with .

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