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  1. In woods ball, equipment can become expensive, and most of it is vital to you and your chance of winning. If you get completely outfitted with everything you want, it’s easy to spend a small mint on the just the basic gear. Sometimes you can save money by borrowing equipment from other sports and hobbies, that with a few minor modifications, can save you quite bit of money. Camouflage clothing from hunting or other hobbies can save you money because you no longer have to spend oodles of money trying to blend in.
  2. Help or hurt? There is always a brewing debate on chest protectors; a chest protector is made from a wide range of materials that are meant to protect you from the sting and welts associated with getting hit by a paintball.  Overall, a chest protector is a great piece of equipment, but mostly used by rookies who are afraid of getting hit.  After playing for a while, you will get hit enough times to know what to expect and this alone takes some of the sting out of it.

  3. Range in woodsball is a great thing to have no matter the situation.  If you're retreating and have a good amount of distance between you and the enemy, take a few shots just to make them think twice about following you.  Without a good barrel, you might as well keep running because you know that your patbinalls are going to be rolling at their feet.  Having range is great for pursuing the enemy also.
  4. The red dot scope, the greatest adversary in any woods ball player has in his arsenal.  Gives you the accuracy of a conventional scope while having the functional ability as iron sights.  A red dot scope can give you the one greatest downfall to snipers - speed.  With it you can defend your position from multiple enemies closer than for comfort with ease, and still having the function to still be able to drop opponents afar.

  5. If you've played paintball longer than 5 minutes or done any reaserch at all about paintball on the internet, you'll undoubtedly eventually come across the name Tippmann.  that's because they are a leading paroducer of some of the most popular tactical paintball guns on the planet.  They offer several models to choose from leaving one wondering, 'Which ones are the best and what's the difference?'.

  6. With the exception of top of the line tournament style paintball marker, most paintball guns are semi-automatic.  This means one ball comes out per trigger pull.  It also means your gun will shoot as fast as you can pull the trigger!  In case semi-automatic isn't fast enough for you, more trigger options are available as an upgrade for most paintball guns; these are called electronic triggers.  Most e-triggers offer at least 3 firing options, semi-automatic, 3 round burst and fully automatic.

  7. High pressure air tanks work great on any paintball marker, but are mostly used on tournament style guns.  Covering your hpa tank with a decorative tank cover is a smart way to protect your tank from dings and scratches.  Tank covers are available for CO2 tanks as well but the best selection is found for hpa tanks.  Paintball gun air tank covers come in a large variety of colors, patterns, cool designs and even custom artwork.  This offers tons of options for customizing your paintball marker/tank with matching accessories.

  8. There are many modifications that are available for all marker models in paintball.  Many of these modifications will improve the performance of your gun, while some are simply for cosmetic purposes.  There are some pieces for guns however that play the role of both.  One of these in particular are buttstocks.  There are many reasons why players equip their markers with buttstocks.  The primary reason is functional; these parts can definitely help bring more balance to the weight of the gun, not to mention significantly increasing accuracy by offering a place to stabilize against your shoulder or cheek while shooting.

  9. There was this one day I spent at Liberty Paintball-NY with two of my teammates, Paul Damiano and Brendan Smith.  During this one woodsball match in a game called “Crypt,” I was almost certain that I heard and saw a flashbang grenade go off on the opposite side of the field.  It made an extraordinarily shiny white flash, along with a loud bang sort of sound.  There was a staff member reffing the game who was standing a couple bunkers’ length away from me who immediately began freaking out and then ran through the crossfire of the two teams to get over to the other side of the field and find out if a flashbang actually just went off.

  10. Playing with paintball armor.  Many players, especially young ones feel the need to wear body armor vests during a paintball game.  But be careful!  Body armor has it's obvious advantages.... relieving the pain of getting hit with paintballs - but it also has some negatives too.  It will assure that every time a paintball touches you it will break.

  11. Crush your opponents with 20 paintballs at once with the next generation paintball grenade launcher!  If you enjoyed the Phantom Grenade Launcher, you’ve gotta lay your hands on the new Squad Blaster Paintball Grenade Launcher Pistol.  The second generation Grenade Launcher Pistol offers more than just a versatile mount-on system; it's capable of use with many different paintball markers and as its name suggests, it can also be used as a stand-alone grenade launcher pistol.

  12. The RAP4 Pressure Activated Landmine takes paintball to the next level of realism, fun and tactical excitement.  This landmine is light and compact, measures only 1" high and 4" in diameter, and barely weighs 1lb. It is powered by a rechargeable 10 gram CO2 reservoir in the center of the mine that disperses smoke-simulation powder or liquid paint! It’s completely safe and fun to use in tactical paintball - these things definitely kick-ass!  They will literally spray your opponent with paint.

  13. A lot of paintball players like to upgrade their guns to automatic triggers so that they can become almost unstoppable on the field.  Electronic triggers allow your paintball gun to be fully automatic allowing it's users to put out an extremely consistent stream of paintballs. But I like to think that it only takes 1 shot to get a player out.

  14. Wear The Right Gear!
    Wearing the right gear is very important on the
    paintball field. Paintball is definitely more fun when you're prepared properly before playing.
  15. Alpha Black Offset Rail
    I have just recently bought an
    offset rail for my Tippmann alpha black paintball marker. The Alpha Black Offset Scope Mount Kit is great for mounting all kinds of scopes.

  16. Benefits of a Tactical Vest
    There are many benefits of wearing a
    tactical vest during paintball.  First of all, it is a great way of carrying a large amount of ammo.  This is important when playing in a large scenario game; in most of the ones I've played in, I had to carry most of my paintballs with me when I went out on a mission.

  17. Paintball Guns For Military Training

    One of the leading ways for soldiers to train is through using paintball guns.  While paintball guns don’t cause permanent damage, it’s simple to identify who has been hit (or 'marked'), and then take the appropriate course of action to avoid being hit in the future.

  18. TPX Pistol Holster

    If you're going to use the new Tippmann TPX Pistol in serious paintball battle, then you're going to want a holster that will match the intensity of this gun.  The Tippmann TPX Leg Holster is light enough and durable enough to make the cut.

  19. Super Realistic Military Paintball Action!
    At first you might think, "why would anyone want a 5oz. CO2 cylinder - it's too small to do anything with?".  Actually, the
    5oz. CO2 Cylinder from RAP4 has a very specific purpose..

  20. Full Head Coverage Masks
    The paintball mask I like to use is the JT full head grey and black mask.  I feel the full head mask is the best way to go.
  21. Paintball Landmines

    Surprise your opponent with a device they wouldn't expect.... a paintball landmine!  Just like the real thing, these devices that are pressure activated and will spray paint or blinding smoke all over the unsuspecting victim.

  22. Tactical Paintball Vests
    Add tons of realism to your tactical paintball game by simply wearing a Tactical Paintball Vest.  Wearing a tactical paintball vest will allow you to carry large amounts of extra paintballs in pods.
  23. As the Team Captain of a successful competitive Division 1 Paintball Team, what kind of paintball equipment do you own; what's your favorite paintball gear?
    Well, I've been playing paintball for a long time and have built up a pretty good amount of stuff; some of it I've used up and gotten rid of and the rest of what I hold onto and use now is my favorite.

  24. Paintball Gun Grenades

    If you’re considering having a paintball tournament with friends you should probably learn more about what your supply options are.  Gone are the days when you only had one choice for a paintball gun.  Now you can choose from many different brands and varieties.  Check out special pages on www.

  25. Buying Your First Gun

    OK, so here's some good advice to the beginner paintballer buying his first paintball marker....  DO NOT purchase a high dollar tournament level paintball marker right out of the blocks.  Most newbies that do end up spending more time working on it than playing (because they don't know how to care for it and they break it or get it so gooped up that it doesn't work right).

  26. Tactical Paintball Vests

       A tactical paintball vest will not only keep you from getting bruised when getting hit with a paintball but their also a great strategy for your scenario play.

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