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  1. The 2011 Proto Reflex Rail is the latest high end performance gun from Proto.  For a gun of this caliber, it’s a real bargain priced in the $450-$500 range.  It comes with so many features standard that you have to add on to other guns.  The design is based on something very similar to the Dye Matrix series of markers.  Some of the coolest features are the anti-chop break beam eye system, LED program control with 4 tournament modes, an ultralight aluminum trigger and 150psi operating pressure with boost forward.
  2. My favorite paintball rifle of all time is the K-Series Elite Marksman HP Custom; the love I have for this gun is surreal.  This is the perfect long range marker for games like woodsball.  It’s also an excellent weapon for a back man who transitions to front man.  It’s also great for a middleman who may have to move up or back depending on where he’s needed.  The Elite Marksman HP Custom is great for short or long distance shooting.

  3. So, Recently I picked up a V-Tac SW-1 Marker and I love the gun.  The adjustable rotating sites is great!  You can make the sight you are using smaller for far away targets, or you can make it larger for up-close and personal shooting.  What about mid-range? Well there are tons of in between settings you can use.  The range of the gun is pretty good compared to other paintball guns I’ve used.

  4. If you've played paintball longer than 5 minutes or done any reaserch at all about paintball on the internet, you'll undoubtedly eventually come across the name Tippmann.  that's because they are a leading paroducer of some of the most popular tactical paintball guns on the planet.  They offer several models to choose from leaving one wondering, 'Which ones are the best and what's the difference?'.

  5. Tippmann paintball guns are some of the most reliable in the sport.  This and their low price points make them some of the most popular and highly sought after markers on the tactical paintball field.  Tippmann markers are perfect for woodsball and scenario paintball because of their ruggednes and customizability.  The Tippmann paintball gun line up includes the Custom 98, Tippmann A5, X7 and newest release, X7 Phenom.

  6. There are many factors that you must consider before investing in a paintball marker that you will be satisfied with and will last.... don't approach buying your paintball gun lightly.  First, ask yourself how seriously you take the sport and this will help you decide how much you're willing to spend on the gun.

  7. We are excited about the upcoming release of the X7 Phenom, a next-generation .68 caliber paintball marker that’s truly in a class of its own. This gun will be released for sale on by mid-November. The unmatched benefits of this new electro pneumatic marker include improved air efficiency, superior accuracy, manual or electronic firing and the flexibility to use either CO2 or compressed air.

  8. If you're looking to buy a new paintball marker, make sure you get one that's specific for your personality and will match what type of play you like the best.  I play both scenario and speedball so I my paintball gun reflects that.  I was using my Planet Eclips Etek2 for both types of games, but I decided to get something specific for woodsball and just use that gun for speedball only.

  9. The Wonderful Alpha Black
    I have just recently bought a
    Tippmann Alpha Black, and so far, it was a great investment for me. The marker is very air efficient, and quite accurate. A great part about this marker is that its detachable clip can hold all the tools you need on the field.
  10. T68 M4 Carbine Sniper
    The T68 M4 Carbine Sniper paintball gun is rigged for the serious paintball sniper.  It's 18" tactical rifled barrel and Gem Tech Silencer give you serious control for long-range attacks.  Add an electronic trigger so you can pick off opponents one by one or spray them with an automatic barage of paint!  Use the powerful 9 x 32 sniper scope to hone in on precise, pin-point targets from long distance.
  11. Paintball guns are used for more than just playing paintball!  
    There are several different types of rounds/projectiles you can shoot out of a paintball marker and depending on what type you load will determine what you're going to be shooting.
  12. Planet Eclipse Etek Marker

    The paintball marker I use on the field is a Planet Eclipse Etek 2.  I like this gun for its speed and accuracy, nor have I had any problems with it.

  13. Love The TPX!
    I am Raymond 'Tater' Hickey, co-founder of the TKO Paintball Warriors, a competitive woodsball team out of South Carolina. I'm 21 years old and have been playing paintball for 5 years. I recently purchased a Tippmann TPX Pistol, tested it and wrote a comprehensive review article that's posted at http://www.
  14. T68 AK47 Paintball Gun
    It feels good being bad with the NEW T68 AK47 paintball rifle!  The AK-47 was originally developed in 1944 by Mikhail Kalashnikov for the Soviet Union. It is a 7.62 mm durable assault rifle and thanks to its low manufacturing costs, the AK-47 is still widely used around the globe.
  15. Airowgun

    The Airowgun unit was designed to be a tool to draw the neophyte paintball player back to the game, or into the game for first time.

  16. Tippmann TPX Pistol

    Tippmann's version of a .68 caliber tactical pistol, the TPX is an excellent new addition to their legendary line of paintball markers.  The new TPX .68 caliber Paintball Pistol has a compact design; it's engineered to be super lightweight, easy to maintain, customizable and best of all.

  17. Alpha Black Tactical Marker

    The Alpha Black has already broken record sales but get ready.... the new Alpha Black Camo Edition is going to be an even bigger hit!  It's already proving to be extremely popular so if you want one and don't want to wait, the time to buy is now!  RAP4 must've known these guns were going to be ultra-popular because they've come up with a whole bunch of different handguards, barrels, stocks, upgrade kits and just overall bad ass combinations of cool gadgets to add to this paintball marker.

  18. T68 M240 Paintball Machine Gun

    M240 paintball gun is a lightweight, gas-operated, 200 round magazine-tube-fed, individually portable paintball-machine-gun capable of delivering a large volume of effective fire.

  19.  Tippmann 98 Crossfire CQB

         Here's another great Tippmann paintball marker creation from the innovative guys at RAP4.  It's the Tippmann 98 Crossfire CQB paintball gun.  This piece of work comes with a weaver style raised site rail, Red Dot 1X46 scope, clamp style feed neck, 3 inch barrel and carbine buttstock.

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