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  1. Empire is a known paintball company for the reason that they sell the best gear in the game. One of those many pieces of gear is the Empire E-Vents Mask; this mask according to many other paintball players is one of the most if not the most comfortable masks in the game of paintball. I kind of agree with them, because after looking at what it has to offer mask wise, it looks pretty promising.

    Empire has been a dominant name in the game of paintball ever since they have joined the industry.

  2. Airbrushed artwork for state of the art paintball masks… A company called ‘Save Phace’ has developed a new, incredibly sleek design line of protective face equipment for your paintball game.  The lenses also have a military grade anti-fog, anti-scratch, UV coating that’s retained even after extended water emersion or repeated cleaning.  They also have an interchangable foam inside and some models come with a soft protective bag to protect the mask's lenses.

  3. On my last trip to New Breed Paintball, (a local paintball field), Mike Morton and I (we're the main players of Team Trinity) played extremely well.  In one game the teams were 25 vs 25.  From the start Mike and I went to the extreme left of the field.  As soon as we took cover, we took out 2 to 3 opposing players.  From the angle we had from our cover Mike and I were able to take out another 2 players.
  4. Monster paintballs, the paintballs that are both loved and hated by players. A lot of players bring them to a BYOP (Bring Your Own Paint) paintball fields, and think its funny when players get hit by them. These are the most painful paintballs to get hit with on the market; it absolutely kills when you get hit by one. I think it takes the fun out of the game a little bit when you get hit by a rock hard paintball.

  5. When I'm on the field, I want max performance out of my paintball marker.  Part of this though depends on what type of hopper you're using.  If you've got a super fast Dye paintball marker, it would be ridiculous to load your paintballs with a simple gravity fed 200 round hopper.  That would be like putting average, low-end tires on a race car; you would find out soon enough the cheap tires are holding you back.

  6. Skirmish Scenario Paintball Game - Review

    I just went to Skirmish this last weekend, for the invasion of Normandy.

  7. Paintball Marker Upgrade Kits

    If you're thinking of buying a new paintball gun but don't want to fork out the dough yet, consider purchasing an upgrade kit instead.

  8. Great Scenario Gear

    If you like to play woodsball, then you want your 'scenario' to be as real as possible.  For this to happen you're going to want certain paintball gear so your experience isn't lacking.  Really the better your equipment, the more fun you're going to have.  Considering this, here's a short list of awesome 'must have' equipment for your next tactical paintball game:
    Tactical Paintball Marker - Tippmann 98, Tippmann A5, Tippmann X7 Phenom are all sweet, sturdy and readily upgradeable tactical markers.

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