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Have More Fun Playing Woodsball Uninterrupted From Marker Malfunctions When You Use a Durable US Army Paintball Gun. Here We Offer the Tippmann US Army Tactical Marker Series For The Best Scenario Play Possible For Sale at Cheap, Discount Prices.

Scenario paintball played the way it’s meant to be requires equipment that’s not only realistic but durable as well.  For the most fun in a woodsball game, uninterrupted play is a must.  If your tactical paintball marker falls apart when you’re running through the woods, you suddenly become a target rather than a threat; anxious for the game to be over rather than having the time of your life.  When a breakdown occurs, most markers practically need an MRI to figure out the malfunction; forget about trying to patch it up in the middle of a game.  These types of guns can be a nightmare to fix.  Working on them in the field will only cost you time and most likely money when pieces fall out and you lose them.  A paintball marker that’s difficult to take apart is often just as tricky to put back together, requiring tools and an eagle eye to make sure all the tiny parts remain together and get replaced correctly.  Woodsball games move too fast to be able to break out your marker’s parts manual to study its guts and worry about what happened to the tiny spring that blasted out when you opened it up. 
To avoid this dilemma, many players have found Tippmann US Army paintball guns to be some of the most reliable, fun to play with and cheap priced tactical markers in the game.  One reason these guns are so popular is because they’re so easy to maintain.  While each US Army model marker for sale comes with a squeegee and tool kit, they are super simple to care of.  These paintball guns feature a very basic (but reliable) in-line bolt system that can be accessed by simply unscrewing a couple bolts with the right size allen wrench.  Cleaning the barrel during play and an oil/o-ring check-up at least once a year is generally all it takes to keep the Tippmann US Army tactical markers accurate and operational for a long time.  Besides unparalleled realism, Tippmann US Army paintball guns lead the pack with durability; these .68 caliber markers can take a beating over and over again and still perform like the first day they were shot.  All US Army paintball guns feature indestructible aluminum die-cast receivers covered with a protective black matte finish and have heavy duty steel braided gaslines.  Tested by the US Army with hardcore scenario simulation training, these tactical paintball markers have proven they can withstand serious torture.
With several different models for sale, there is plenty choices to match a US Army paintball gun with the position you play on the field and your personal woodsball style.  With four different models to choose from, Tippmann US Army series paintball guns all have an M4 carbine flavor but leave plenty of room for customization.  These paintball weapons are lightweight, powerful and easy to wield in any situation or position on the scenario paintball field.  Accurate and plenty fast right out of the box, Tippmann US Army tactical markers are terrific for close quarter battles, mid range fighting and even have plenty of power for long distance sniping with very little modification.  Compatible with all accessories that fit the Tippmann 98 Custom, there are tons of mods and cheap priced upgrades available to transform your US Army marker into the tactical paintball weapon of your dreams.  All the US Army paintball guns for sale have either picatinny rails or places mounts can be attached very easily, allowing for extra parts and custom accessories to be added in a snap; even in the middle of a game.
Whether you’re just starting out or a veteran of the sport, you will be satisfied with a US Army tactical paintball gun for a long time.  These realistic paintball guns are fun and easy to use and even easier to get your hands on one for a discount price if you shop at our online store.  We carry the full line of Tippmann’s US Army Series woodsball guns and sell them for rock bottom, cheap prices.  Our selection not only includes the basic models but also awesome tactical packages with lots of cool accessories already built onto your gun and/or packages with other needed accessories great for beginner players who need the whole ready-to-play set up.  Our website is easy to navigate so finding exactly what you want is quick and simple.  Our store also has tons of information to help you decide with US Army tactical marker is best for you.  We have excellent customer service with a staff that stands ready to field questions and help make your ordering process easy, convenient and totally secure.

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