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For the Best Scenario Woodsball Experience, Only the Most Realistic & Sturdy Tactical Markers Like a Tippmann US Army Replica Will Do. We Offer the Alpha Black Paintball Gun Basic Models & Upgraded Packages For Sale at Cheap Prices.

While tactical paintball guns have come a long way to the point some are so realistic, they are unmistakable from real thing.  However in many cases, the extra realism comes with a price.  Some of the most authentic woodsball markers are loaded down with so many extras, they’re cumbersome, heavy to carry and too complicated for new players.  All the extra pieces mean more parts to break down and often eventually lead to frustration.  This is why one of the best scenario paintball guns you will find for sale at a very cheap price is the Alpha Black.  This .68 caliber, realistic M4 replica is Tippmann’s flagship marker in their US Army Series and has quickly become one of the most popular tactical markers available today.  The Alpha Black has so many fans because it’s so easy to use, shoots accurately right out of the box and yet remains to be one of the best looking guns in the business.  The Tippmann Alpha Black’s cheap sticker prices are also another great draw fitting in nicely with most beginner’s budgets.
One of the best things about the US Army Alpha Black markers is how simple these tactical paintball guns are put together.  Tippmann’s proven inline bolt system makes cleaning and maintenance a dream compared to most other realistic woodsball weapons.  Scenario paintball gun connoisseurs love all the realistic features of the Alpha Black.  This marker features a high performance 12” ported barrel and a removable authentic mock magazine that acts as a small storage space great for tools.  The US Army Alpha Black paintball gun is compatible with Tippmann 98 barrel and stock threads so there are tons of accessories available for sale at cheap prices.  It also comes with an M-16 style collapsible stock, handguard and removable carry handle.  Underneath the Alpha Black’s carry handle and shroud lie picatinny rails for the best upgradability of easy to install grips, lasers, scopes and/or tactical flashlights.  Trigger and hopper upgrades are also available for sale to offer even faster and more realistic action. 
When you play scenario paintball you must have ultra reliable gear to keep up with the rigorous demand of hard outdoor play.  Beware of cheap quality woodsball guns for sale that can leave you hanging even though they may be the best looking replicas on the field.  The Tippmann Alpha Black marker will not only help you look the part, but will give you plenty of trouble-free play time.  US Army tactical paintball guns are extremely sturdy because they have a solid aluminum receiver, contributing to its light weight but nearly indestructible body.  With proper maintenance, the Tippmann Alpha Black will last you for as long as you love to play realistic scenario paintball.  On the rare event that something happens to your US Army marker, these tactical weapons are backed by one of the best service warranties from the very reputable Tippmann brand.  With the Alpha Black in your hands, you can play woodsball with reckless abandon, wielding such an indestructible paintball gun and knowing you’re covered by Tippmann.
The US Army Alpha Black paintball gun will greatly enhance your scenario woodsball game with a realistic look and the best performance.  This Tippmann tactical marker shoots powerfully and accurately with no modifications right out of the box.  It’s easy to use, incredibly durable and totally fun to play with over and over again.  In our online paintball store, we feature the Tippmann US Army Alpha Black for sale at a ridiculously cheap price.  We sell all the best beginner models as well as guns that are already upgraded with accessory packages for terrific deals.  Our website is super easy to navigate, so you can find these Tippmann markers and all their upgrades fast.  We are an exclusive dealer for this brand because we love satisfying our customers with the best scenario woodsball guns possible.  Our company also has excellent service and try hard to always be available for our customers should you have any questions or need help with your order.

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