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Rule The Scenario Battlefield w/Precision, Power & Virtually Unlimited Customization Options w/a US Army Project Salvo Tactical Paintball Gun. We Offer The Tippmann Project Salvo Basic Markers & Best Woodsball Accessory Packages For Sale at Cheap, Discount Prices.

When buying the best tactical paintball gun, many players are swayed by the cool look of woodsball guns for sale that have very realistic appearances despite prices that are far from cheap.  Sadly, they end up spending more money on upgrades because the gun they bought didn’t perform the way they thought.  Either it wasn’t accurate or powerful enough or they just wanted to give it a new look to play a different role on the field and found out it was impossible to change the way they want.  When it came to adding accessories, they had to spend more money on extra parts to make it able to upgrade.  Some tactical paintball guns require small surgeries and even drilling holes in the gun to install a simple rail to can attach things to.  The fact is, many realistic scenario paintball guns claim upgradability but when it comes to actually doing this, you quickly find how limited you are.  At this point many players have had enough and start searching for an entirely new marker with the specs they were trying to upgrade to, often starting the whole frustrating process over again.  Unfortunately, these are issues only found out when it comes time to upgrade. 
The Project Salvo is a tactical marker for sale that’s possibly the easiest to upgrade in all of scenario paintball.  This gun is a .68 caliber dream to own and very few ever buy another after experiencing it in action.  It’s one of the best sellers in Tippmann’s realistic US Army Series line of scenario weapons for a reason.  The Project Salvo comes stock with awesome features to help it become more upgradeable.  This makes it cheap to own; it already comes with parts you would normally upgrade to!  A tough looking RIS handguard and full length top rail cover this entire gun with surfaces readily available for any weaver compatible accessory.  This means you can add grips/handles, scopes, sights, lasers or any other cool tactical device anywhere you want, giving your Project Salvo new capabilities almost instantly.  The barrel and stock are also removable for further customization options.  The stock is a high-tech, special ops folding model that gives the US Army Salvo paintball gun a fierce look and a functional advantage on the scenario field.  As easy as this Tippmann marker is to transform with upgrades, most players add nothing for a very long time because it’s so amazing the way it comes right out of the box. 
The Tippmann US Army Project Salvo paintball gun is perfect for scenario missions and fast action.  With the foldable stock, this gun is compact enough for close quarter fighting and still powerful enough for accurate distance shooting from the back field.  Both beginners and experienced players love this marker because it’s not only easy to use but maintenance is also a breeze.  The Project Salvo has a very basic in-line bolt system that’s simple to access for cleaning/oiling but housed well inside a nearly indestructible aluminum die-cast receiver.  The Tippmann US Army tactical marker can be dropped and seriously abused before showing any signs of wear and tear at all.  In the rare case that something happens, the Project Salvo has one of the best warranties in the business, backed for 2 years including parts, service and even replacement models if necessary.  With such awesome performance, fierce appearance and terrific customization options, it would make sense for these woodsball guns to be for sale at expensive prices however this is far from the case.  The Tippmann US Army Project Salvo has a very cheap price, making it very accessible to nearly every budget.
The reviews and accolades of the Tippmann Project Salvo tactical marker make it an easy decision.  Despite this, it’s still smart to purchase this gun for sale from a reputable dealer, like us.  Our online store only carries reliable paintball guns that have the best reputations for lasting the longest and offering the most fun on the field.  This is why we keep the Project Salvo woodsball gun in stock and ready to ship at all times.  We offer the Project Salvo basic markers for sale and also in accessory packages already decked out with cool attachments for very cheap prices.  We realize that buying a good scenario marker can make or break your game so we take your purchase seriously and try as hard as possible to offer the best customer service possible.  If you have any questions about any of the Tippmann US Army Project Salvo paintball guns we offer for sale, contact us by phone or email and we will be glad to help.  

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