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Turn Your Tippmann Paintball Gun Into A Realistic Tactical Rifle By Adding A Butt Stock. Here We Offer A Great Selection Of Butt Stocks For Tippmann Paintball Guns

One of the simplest ways to improve the performance of your Tippmann paintball gun by adding a butt stock.  There are many different types of stocks available for Tippmann markers that will also turn your gun into a realistic tactical rifle.  Butt stocks for Tippmann paintball guns are readily available, very affordable and easy to install.  Here’s a great selection of butt stocks that will fit any Tippmann marker…
Tippmann 98 Stocks

Tippmann 98 Stocks

Tippmann 98 Custom Car StockTippmann 98 Custom Car Stock
Tippmann 98 Skeleton ButtstockTippmann 98 Skeleton Buttstock
Tippmann 98 SMG Retractable ButtstockTippmann 98 SMG Retractable Buttstock
Tippmann A5 Butt Stocks

Tippmann A5 Butt Stocks

RAP4 Tippmann A5 Camouflage Carbine Buttstock (Camo)RAP4 Tippmann A5 Camouflage Carbine Buttstock (Camo)
TACAMO Tippmann A5 Krinkov Folding ButtstockTACAMO Tippmann A5 Krinkov Folding Buttstock
Tippmann A-5 Collapsible Folding StockTippmann A-5 Collapsible Folding Stock
Tippmann X7 & X7 Phenom

Tippmann X7 & X7 Phenom

X7 Phenom Commando Air Thru StockX7 Phenom Commando Air Thru Stock
X7 Phenom Folding ButtstockX7 Phenom Folding Buttstock
X7 Phenom Skeleton Air Thru StockX7 Phenom Skeleton Air Thru Stock
X7 Phenom Skeleton ButtstockX7 Phenom Skeleton Buttstock
X7 Phenom UMP Air Thru StockX7 Phenom UMP Air Thru Stock
US Army Alpha Black, Project Salvo & Carver One

US Army Alpha Black, Project Salvo & Carver One

Alpha Black SAW ButtstockAlpha Black SAW Buttstock
Tippmann Alpha Black Carbine ButtstockTippmann Alpha Black Carbine Buttstock
Tippmann Alpha Black Skeleton ButtstockTippmann Alpha Black Skeleton Buttstock

Adding a butt stock to your Tippmann paintball gun will allow you to stabilize it against your shoulder when shooting; this will improve your shot accuracy immediately.  When outfitting your Tippmann tactical marker with a new stock, choose wisely; this accessory will also help define the character and identity of your paintball gun.
The best butt stocks are adjustable in size and are available as telescoping, folding or retracting.  Telescoping butt stocks easily shorten or lengthen to fit your Tippmann paintball gun perfectly to your body.  Retractable or folding butt stocks are great for turning your Tippmann into a realistic paintball sub-machine gun.
Choose a butt stock that best fits your Tippmann paintball rifle’s style and stays within the price your willing to pay.  It’s also important to make sure the stock you choose is compatible with your particular Tippmann gun.  Butt stocks compatible with the Tippmann 98 will also work on any US Army Series paintball guns (Alpha Black, Project Salvo and Carber One).  The Tippmann A5 and X7 Phenom use their own stocks and are not compatible with any other.
The butt stock you choose for your Tippmann paintball gun will steady your arm, improve your shot and give your marker a realistic, tactical rifle appearance.  Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a lot of money upgrading your Tippmann gun with the best butt stocks – if you buy them from ChoicePaintballGuns.com!  We offer the best selection of tactical butt stocks for all Tippmann brand markers with the best prices you will find.  

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