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X7 Phenom Commando Air Thru Stock

X7 Phenom Commando Air Thru Stock

X7 Phenom Commando Air Thru Stock
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If you think your X7 Phenom is a bit short and you're tired of the sub machine gun look, try the Commando Air Thru Stock! Designed specifically for the X7 Phenom, this stock will not only turn your Phenom into a realistic tactical rifle but will re-route the gun's air supply to a more convenient, advantageous position.

The X7 Phenom Commando Air Thru Stock will place the air supply line through the interior of your gun. This means no more macro lines or misplaced fittings to take away from the Phenom's sleek, clean appearance. This buttstock also fits nicely against your shoulder when aiming and provides fantastic stabilization for tough shots.

The Commando Air Thru Stock re-routes your gun's air system with an integrated high-pressure steel air line that seals directly to the marker's air system. This places a plug for a remote line conveniently and covertly underneath the stock, allowing easy "plug and play" operation. The quick-disconnect air line plug is ideally angled to allow fast attachment to your remote line.

This stock was designed for performance! With premium construction, the Commando Air Thru Stock also has an ergonomic design and features a low cut design that enhances the shooter's sightline while wearing a mask. Awesome equipment for excellent low prices at ChoicePaintballGuns! Shop with us for fantastic customer service and secure, online shopping convenience.

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