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Learn How To Move Better In The Snow!

Many players hang up their gear when it starts getting cold outside, but the hard core keep going!  Winter is longer and harsher in some states, but paintball continues even in the snow.  Playing woodsball in the winter can be fun but you must make a few modifications.  Your paintball gear reacts differently in cold climates, not to mention new difficulties moving in snow.

Playing in the snow or extremely cold weather requires layers of clothing, thick jackets or even ski pants.  The great thing about this is the extra padding prevents you from feeling the sting associated with being hit by a paintball.  While winter clothing keeps you warm and adds protection, it also slows you down and reduces your range of motion. 

The trick is to wear long undergarments with breathable material; choose long johns with material that wicks away sweat but still keeps you warm.  When playing in the snow, choose white outer garments or even an urban camouflage to help blend into your environment.  Remember, you will be constantly moving so don’t overdress to cause you to become to hot.  Dress warm, but light enough so you won't overheat or become too heavy.

Unlike speedball (played on a closed course and a smaller field), woodsball can be played on an expansive area, sometimes covering miles in larger games.  When traveling a distance to your next rally point or perhaps to scout or track your opponent, shoes worn for summer play can slow you down in the snow.  Athletic shoes or paintball combat boots become wet and heavy when worn in the snow too long; when this is the case, your day may get cut short if your feet get cold and soggy. 

For traveling a distance in the snow, consider wearing snow shoes or even cross country skis.  These two apparatuses speed up your movement in the snow by a great amount.  Snow shoes distribute your weight more evenly over a larger surface area, keeping you more on top of the snow than you would with just boots.  These can be taken off and put aside or strapped to your back when you get to your destination. 

The ski is another way to get a good speed boost in the snow, particularly down a hill. Although they are a bit cumbersome, cross country skis can be a vital tool when crossing a large field in the snow.  With a little technique, skis will let you eat up ground much faster than any player on foot.  You can also take them off to get a steady shot or trudge through a thick brush.  When it comes to travelling downhill, skis definitely have the advantage over the foot.  Fly by your opponent, skiing downhill, paintball guns a blazin’ just like in a James Bond movie! 

With just a few pieces of wood on your feet you can be a pro moving in the thick and slowing snow that everyone else is bogged down in.  Use snow shoes or skis to give you the movement advantage in the snow.  When you get to your play area, lay your snow footwear down or strap it to your back during battle.  For all the rest of your paintball supplies, whether you play in the spring, summer, fall or winter, choose ChoicePaintballGuns for your premier source.
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