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Looking back at the history of paintball, it's been interesting to watch the changing trends.  From the first pump action guns to the first electronic markers came the development of speedball type games.  Played on a designated field with inflatable bunkers to hide behind, this timed match was fast and furious.  Speedball games are still very popular and offered at most commercial fields, but the game's popularity started diminishing in the 90's.

While the popularity of paintball has gone down a bit, a revival has occured with scenario paintball.  Paintball guns and gear have changed to resemble military replica weapons and equipment.  The game itself has changed to mimic military-style missions played on outside fields or in the woods behind your house.  Woodsball has definitely caught on.

Don't worry though, speedball has deep roots and will always be played as long as thrill seekers crave a fast game.  Whichever type of gaem stirs your passion, get fully equipped at!  We always try to bring our customers the best prices on the best selection with excellent customer service.  Check our Articles section for a potpourri of paintball ideas and information for beginners and advanced players alike.

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