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Whether you are playing woodsball or speedball, the key to winning in almost any paintball situation is out maneuvering your opponents.  All of the best equipment in the world won’t win a game if you are out played with better timed movement and/or superior strategies.

A key element to winning in paintball is location, location, location.  It may seem heroic to madly dash into the unknown but that typically ends with a face full of paint.  On the other hand, an aggressive rush against your opponent's hiding place is the key to many paintball victories.  One thing that helps is knowing where your opponent is and trying to make sure he doesn't know where you are.  Not knowing where your opponent is can lead to a paintball to your back; always keep an eye on his location.  Track his movement and make adjustments in your position accordingly.

A natural reaction when playing paintball is to duck your head when paint is flying at you.  This is a good thing.  The bad habit many players pick up is that once their head is down they are only willing to slowly peek out and fire from their hiding place.  Often, the fear of getting hit keeps them stuck behind a bunker and they don’t move; they stop advancing up the field.  Instead of hiding, a good paintball player will train himself to avoid oncoming fire and then move to a better location as soon as he can. 

There is an urgency to keep moving in this game; moving targets are harder to hit!  Plus if you’re not advancing, not only are your opponents most likely closing in on you, but you’re no longer moving towards your objective either.  Aggressive movement will force your opponents on the defensive, at least for a short time period.  The more aggressive and forward your movements are, the more defensive your enemy will have to be.

If your opponent is hiding and pops out trying to snap shoot you, it is advantageous if you are no longer where he thinks you are.  Always keep advancing towards a new location. Always be ready to hit your opponent with a slew of paintballs from an unexpected direction.  Not only will he not have a bead on you, but your advantage is still that you know where he is and you'll get a few shots on him first, before he even knows where to look.  Practice is the key to knowing when to move.

After your practice has trained your body and mind to think "move" rather than "hide", you will have a great advantage in paintball.  Learning to move while keeping track of your opponent at the same time takes skill.  Some equipment can make a difference, but positioning is the main key.  Use paintball equipment that’s made for someone on the move; paintball guns and gear that’s lighter, smaller and reacts quickly is a good start. 

While scenario paintball equipment for woodsball is much different than speedball or tournament style play, it’s still smart to choose gear that’s complimentary of movement.  Tournament style paintball guns and equipment is often fast and very light.  Scenario paintball games are often slower and players have more time to think and strategize about their location.  Their paintball guns are often military replica markers that are larger and somewhat heavier than traditional competition style guns.  Even though woodsball games can be longer, it’s still best to always look for lighter, faster, more efficient equipment.

The key to a successful paintball game (whether you play scenario woodsball or tournament style) is to stay on the move.  Have an urgency about advancing and improving your location constantly!  There’s a major difference between pushing to win versus just ‘not losing’; the difference is attitude and aggressiveness.  Be aggressive with your shooting as well as your movement in paintball and you will walk away with the victory more times than not. 
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