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tactical insertion paintball teamWe are Tactical Insertion, a competitive scenario paintball team.  At first we were just a loose band of individual players who just played socially whenever we could; but now we have become so much more.  We have become a family, who sweat and bleed beside one another in the heat of battle.

We are a small team out of Bedford, Virginia who have played at places such as, Cull Holler, Painted Forest and Big Pearl.  Tactical Insertion has also played beside such teams as the 42nd Legion and the Regulators, and by playing beside them we have gained crucial knowledge of tactics and play style.  We currently have six active members and four reserve members as well.  Our team has been trying to expand our reach over the local area so that we have a melting pot of talent and skill.  Currently our active members include: Eric Lafon- Captain, Aaron Lafon- Co-Captain, Clint Overstreet, Vince Lopiccolo, Josh Overstreet, Justin Detamore. Our reserve roster is: Brian Davis, Chris Lewis, Victor Robertson and Alden Short.

Woodsball is the style that we like to play because it allows us to become one with nature; it also lets us use our own play style to overcome different obstacles.  Two of our members come from a line of armed forces parentage, which helps the team in its preparation for competitions.  With the knowledge those two members bring to the table, along with the leadership of other key members, our team is able to work as a cohesive and well oiled machine to overcome any obstacle.

Each member of the outfit uses a Tippmann paintball gun, whether it be a 98 custom, A-5, X7 Phenom or an Alpha Black; we all use Tippmann markers because they're so reliable and durable for our style of play.  We also all use X-game or Inertia brand paintballs because they burst on impact where other brands we have used fall short.

Our team, like other teams, has roles or positions that each teammate fulfills in order for the greater good of the whole.  Yet, unlike other teams, we often use unorthodox names for our team roles.  For example, one of our roles, normally designated as the 'Runner' or 'Scout', we term the 'Distraction'.  Though we may call it the Scout when we are planning our strategy, when under fire we normally just shout out whatever comes to mind.  Another role for our team is the 'Assassin', which would be similar to the 'Lone Wolf' type of player, we like this player to go and try to flank the other team, often knowingly alone and without backup for some time.

Though our team may seem unorthodox and unconventional at times, we always get the job done.  At Cull Holler, we were 3-1 with the alliance of the 42nd Legion; at Big Pearl we were again 3-1, having no other known teams with us.  At Painted Forest we went 4-0 in our debut a couple of years ago.  We have goals of winning as many matches as possible in 2011 and plan on practicing constantly even in the off season.  We are also very excited to become recently sponsored by ChoicePaintballGuns.com!

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