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Joining a paintball team is a great way to make friends and get better at playing.  If you want to play competitive paintball (in organized competitions), you must also be on a team.  Unless it's a rare one on one match, most professional tournaments are between teams of 3 or 5 man teams.  Playing paintball on a team is also a great way to learn and practice leadership skills and how carry out co-operative tasks in stressful situations.  These articles are written by teams we sponsor...

Competition Prep and Paintball Strategy Articles

Competition Prep and Paintball Strategy Articles

It's much more fun to play paintball while on a team.  There's nothing like the feeling of accomplishment and comraderie when a group of friends pull of a victory because they worked well together.  Teammates are also great accountability partners that will ensure practice and training is done regularly, consistently and effectively.  It's always an excellent idea to have someone watching your back - especially on the paintball field.  On many occsasions, it will be your teammates who bail you out of 'no-win' situations.

Most corporate sponsors are also more willing to back a team rather than an individual.  So if you want sponsors, join a team!  At however, we are glad to sponsor individuals as well.  If you or your team would like more information about our sponsorship program, read the article, 'How to get sponsored by'.

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