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Transform Your Marker Into a Realistic Sub Machine Gun! Here We Offer Complete Sub Machine Gun Accessory Parts Kits For Most Tactical Paintball Markers

Give your paintball marker a new tactical look by turning it into a paintball sub machine gun.  The cheapest and easiest way of doing this it to buy your accessories in an upgrade kit.  Kits are the best way to make sure you’re getting all the right parts and you will save money at the same time.  Here is a great selection of sub machine gun kits for most brand name paintball markers…
BT Paintball Gun CQB KitBT Paintball Gun CQB Kit
BT Paintball Gun SMG KitBT Paintball Gun SMG Kit
Spyder SMG KitSpyder SMG Kit
T68 Combat KitT68 Combat Kit
T68 CQB Enforcer KitT68 CQB Enforcer Kit
T68 Infiltrator KitT68 Infiltrator Kit
Tippmann A5 SD5K KitTippmann A5 SD5K Kit
Tippmann X7 Phenom RAS CQB KitTippmann X7 Phenom RAS CQB Kit
Tippmann X7 RAS CQB KitTippmann X7 RAS CQB Kit
Paintball sub machine guns are perfect for the front player or tactical scout.  When transforming your gun into an SMG, make sure the accessories you add still keep it lightweight, compact and easy to move with.  A sub machine gun upgrade kit will make your marker more suited for fast action in close quarter battles.
The most complete paintball sub machine gun kits include a short barrel (generally not longer than 3 inches) and some type of tactical stock, preferably one that’s adjustable or retractable.  The best SMG accessory packages also include mock magazines and sometimes a short range red dot scope or laser sight.
When purchasing parts for a paintball SMG marker, choose a modification kit with the same brand name as your gun; this will ensure the parts included are compatible.  Choose a kit with accessories to best equip your gun for your favorite style of play, and that gives it the most fierce tactical look.
It’s easy to turn your tactical paintball marker into a realistic sub machine gun when you buy an upgrade kit.  Purchase yours from ChoicePaintballGuns and enjoy our great selection and extremely cheap prices.  Our website is easy to navigate and even easier to get the best paintball equipment for the lowest prices on the internet.

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