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If you're looking for a sponsor to help with the regular expenses of paintball, would love to have you aboard.  We are always looking for teams to support and for help represent us on the field.  If you're not on a team, don't worry!  We are glad to sponsor individuals or teams; the deal is the same whether there's one or 10 people involved.  Read these articles to learn what's required and how to get started.

At, we believe in treating our sponsored teams as business partners.  To become sponsored by our company, we require a bit of work from our teams, not just wearing our logo in competitions.  We offer a unique method of sponsorship that opens the door to most players willing to put in a little work.  Work required in our sponsorship deals consists of writing blogs & articles for our website.  In return for a number of regular entries, we 'pay' our teams with discounts off our products and free paintball gear.

If you don't want the committment of sponsorship, you can still earn discounts with our blog/article writing program.  Let your opinion or expertise be known!  We are glad to showcase your voice with your writings - and will pay you for your work with hefty discounts off producs and other incentives.  Read our 'Earning Discounts By Writing Blogs' article to learn more about this program.

Our 'How To Get Sponsored By ChoicePaintballGuns' article is a must read if you want to learn the details about getting sponsored by our company.  Come on board with us!  It's easy, fun and motivating!  It will also improve your writing skills!  If you can write a few paragraphs about the sport you love, you can be sponsored by!

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